Jack Devnarain leaves Isidingo

Jack Devnarain aka Rajesh on Isidingo

In a Facebook post last night Jack expressed his fondness for the show that was part of his daily routine for 15 years bringing us the character of Rajesh Kumar.

Isidingo which airs on SABC 3 has taken a new direction leaving behind some of their key cast members like Devnarain and Robert Whitehead who played the villainous Barker Haines, Arno Marais and others.

Devnarain who celebrates his 47th birthday today also hinted at his future plans which include promoting a brand new set of future actors through this promotions company Dingo Dawg. 

Jack thanked his fans who followed his role as the incorruptible Rajesh Kumar and shared his future plans in his heartfelt post. Here is his statement from Facebook

Friends, on Fri 9 Feb I celebrate my 47th year of this joyful adventure called life. Thank you for walking this journey with me and for reminding me of the virtues of gratitude and humility.

For the last 15 of my 47yrs it has been my greatest privilege to bring you the character of Rajesh Kumar. But it is time to move on. I have shot my last scene on Isidingo and I say goodbye to dear friends and colleagues. I leave with the love and blessings of the show that has been my home ever since I took on the role, and I have no regrets.

I’ll be taking a short time-out this weekend and when I return it will be to celebrate the next stage of my career with you all. I started off on the small stages of community halls, bringing laughs, gasps, music and lunacy to people who love being entertained. I will return to the magic of live concerts and I hope you will join me!

Look out for my posts and we will meet again at events I will be co-promoting. Let’s keep it interactive, so I will rely on your feedback. I’ll put up my email address for all your comments, opinions and special requests.

Look out for my promotions company Dingo Dawg (Pty) Ltd and know that I’m here to promote the next generation of stars.

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