Rani Mukerji: I curse my husband every day

Rani Mukerji is coming back to the silver screen after a hiatus of four years. Titled Hichki, the Aditya Chopra film will see Rani in the role of a primary school teacher suffering from Tourette’s syndrome and how she deals with her involuntary spasms and hiccups. To promote her film, Rani recently appeared on a chat show with Neha Dhupia along with celebrity designer Sabyasachi Mukerjee.

While Rani has always shied away from revealing details about her marriage with producer Aditya Chopra, in the recent BFFs with Vogue episode, Rani finally decided to open up. Talking about how the two met for the first time, Rani revealed that their first meeting happened on the sets of the movie Mujhse Dosi Karoge which starred Rani, Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead. Rani also shared how Aditya went on a limb to cast Rani despite being told by people not to take Rani in the lead “because they thought that she didn’t have the equity for a Yash Raj film” and how Rani was impressed by his frank and open nature.

Rani and Aditya tied the knot in April 2014 in a very hush-hush marriage ceremony. The two were adamant on not having a grand celebrity wedding and there were only 12 people present on the D-day, as revealed by Rani.

 Rani and Aditya have been happily married for four years now and they also welcomed their baby daughter Adira two years ago. While we see social media being flooded with pictures of other celeb kids, Aditya and Rani are very protective towards getting Adira clicked. “I want Adira to grow up normally. You get unwanted and undeserved attention without having achieved anything in life. I want Adira to be treated like any other child in school. Aditya and I don’t want her to be photographed constantly,” said Rani.

Talking about her relationship with husband Aditya, Rani quipped how she cursed him almost every day, but in a ‘loving’ way. She says, “Yes, I do. I curse my husband every day; I abuse my husband every day but he does such loving things that the cursing comes out with love! So, in my family when we curse, we curse with love. We don’t curse with hate. If I curse somebody, that means I really love that person.”

Hichki will hit screens on March 23, 2018.

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