Here’s how Anushka Sharma’s look was designed for Pari

Here’s how Anushka Sharma’s look was designed for Pari

It is not always that we have a Bollywood A-lister take on the mantel of pushing the horror genre in Hindi cinema to the edge and making it fly. And yet, the trailer and screamers of Anushka’s Pari have made the audience sit back and take note. While little is known about Anushka’s part in the film, we at have got some exclusive insights into her character Rukhsana, in Pari. Though more details about her role are not known, we got to know that the person behind Anushka’s much talked about look in the horror-thriller is the well known British Prosthetic Designer, Clover Wootton.

From what we know, Rukhsana is a woman who had gone through a lot of physical and mental torture. Speaking to us, Clover said, “With Rukhsana’s character, we needed to understand that she has been through a lot physically, and that is how her look had to be designed. Her hair quality is bad and damaged, her skin would be pale, dry and dirty. The conditions that she has been living in will have had an effect on her body, but at the same time she needed to look attractive too.”

Pari Anushka Sharma filmBritish Prosthetic Designer, Clover Wootton has designed Anushka Sharma’s look for Pari.

With this brief, Clover set out on her mission. “I deliberately left some oil on her face. Anushka has naturally very beautiful skin so I did absolutely nothing to it and kept it all raw. The light eyes really suited her and the freckles gave the feel of roughness to her skin and the aura that maybe she is not the same as us. The challenge was to make it believable that she is Rukhsana and not Anushka,” added Clover.

anushka sharma pari release dateAnushka Sharma’s Pari will release on March 2, 2018.

Going by what one sees of Anushka in the Pari posters, teasers and trailer we can’t agree more with Clover.

Pari is Anushka’s third film under her home production, Clean Slate Films. It is presented by KriArj Entertainment and Kyta Productions and will be released worldwide by Pooja Films on March 2, 2018.

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