Humiliation for late Shaylen Mudali & Suveer Sookoo in Post Newspaper

The Post Newspaper a weekly print edition that caters for South African Indian community news has come under heavy criticism for their lead story on the death of iTen Entertainment’s Shaylen Mudali and business mogul, Suveer Sookoo.

Social media users vented their frustration at the Post Newspaper for a front-page story on the late Durban men, which created aspersions that the two friends’ glitzy life and attracted controversy, was almost justice for their death.

The two Durban friends, Shaylen Mudali and Suveer Sookoo, were travelling on the M4 (north) when the tyre burst on the vehicle they occupied. According to Rescue Care Paramedics, the occupants crashed into a barrier before their vehicle burst into flames. Tragically, both occupants burnt to death in the vehicle after being entrapped in the wreckage.

The article was hailed as in poor taste with a slew of comments that defended the memory of Mudali and Sookoo who were more than just a glam life.

Social media users are calling for a public apology from the print publication & answers from the journalist and editor on the article that was missing key facts about the two late Durbanites.

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Here are some of the comments on social media 

Janine Moodley, I don’t doubt that you may have initially welcome the thought of a FrontPage “scoop” as it were, but clearly in your haste to deliver, you brilliantly told a sensational story of “things”! Sadly the point you missed was that two exceptional human beings who contributed immensely to society passed on tragically!!! You focussed on their acquisitions rather than their gifts to humanity. I implore you, next time…check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Yes I agree the article was done in very poor taste however surely she has to submit her article to an editor prior to publishing. Did no one else feel this was poorly done? The newspaper should be held accountable for their journalists.

Shaylen Mudali worked hard and built his name from young days first he was one of the best designers and youngest as the creative panda he made some designs for huge events and then started in iten and built his career irrespective of what happened on Sunday night instead of showing strength to his family during this hard time this person decided to make this article to get fame you don’t blame the drink or speeding in this incident it was God’s plan for them but this ass decided to go for fame I hope post kicks her out or friends and family of these love ones should sign a partition to get her out for her nasty article u a disgrace to the community.

Absolutely distasteful and disrespectful to the families that mourn.. It’s not all about media and getting the front page story. It’s about respecting the deceased and their families. It’s about using tact and integrity. There’s many ways to write a story.. Why chose the worst way ?

They don’t realise how hard shaylen worked or how dedicated he was to iTen. They made these guys look like spoilt rich kids. They either want publicity to sell their paper or are just needed an excuse to print the story on the front page.

Who the hell is the editor of the post, does he/she not proof read the front page story. Editor and journalist need to publicly apologies. #postmustfall. It’s no longer a paper for the people.

I condemn this article. POST needs to apologise publically.  Does POST know that on Sunday the late Mr Sookoo was doing charity work at a children’s home. Pathetic story. 

To read more of the comments by social media users visit this link here

ITen Entertainment, where Mudali worked, also paid tribute to him and Soookoo with a video shared on their Facebook page.

“Your life was a series of memories which gave meaning to ours… you taught us all how to live, when we were just chasing… you shone so bright, that no star in the universe could ever compare… even the angels in the heavens above sought your company… and now they have it… as the heavenly host welcome you home, we will spend the rest of lives searching… whether its a whisper in the wind, or your voice in your favourite songs… we will make magic again… but until then, you will always be our brother,” they said on their Facebook page

Sookoo was laid to rest yesterday while Mudali’s funeral was held today. 

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