My wedding ruined by fraudster Viran Chunilal

A wedding is always a precious moment that one will treasure forever but her wedding was ruined after hiring Viran Chunilal as their photographer and videographer.

Her wedding was held in April 2017 and to date she is yet to see her precious wedding photos. The bridal couple entered into a verbal agreement with Viran Chunilal that their wedding photos and videos will be ready by the first of week of May 2017 but to date he has dodged the couple up to now.

We were out of the country and enquired with Viran if our wedding package was ready so we could pick it up from him on the 1st of May in Durban as that would save us an extra trip to Durban as we stay in Pietermaritzburg. 

A discussion that was held over whatsapp messenger and he assured us that everything was ready for collection.

The horror sets in

After landing at King Shaka airport the couple made their way to Viran but upon reaching his residence we were shocked to find that he had nothing ready for them.

The newly wedded couple spent over an hour waiting for him to provide them with their wedding memories. To their disgust they were handed a USB stick and were told to have a look at the pictures and select items for their photo book.

He had also requested that they supply him an external hard drive so he could load all their photos for them. On the 6th of May the couple drove back to Durban to hand him the hard drive as per his request.

“Viran Chunilal assured me that he would courier their wedding package to them by 11th May but by the end of that week we the couple were yet to receive anything.”

Viran Chunilal’s lies begin to unravel

After the couple requested the tracking number of the parcel but upon verifying this with the courier company it was clear that Viran Chunilal lied to the couple by providing them with a fake tracking number. 

After grilling Chunilal he assured them that he placed the package in an Aramex box at his local Pick and Pay store. After the couple made enquiries with Aramex the courier service confirmed that there was no package in the box.

After numerous attempts and emails to Viran to find out what was happening, he bluntly advised the couple that he could not send the package as he had matters regarding the State of Capture report and the South African National Council of Churches.

In addition to that he asked the couple to contact his legal advisor, Jayshree Singh, But Chunilal refused to furnish them with her details.  

Thereafter the husband made contact with Chunilal once more and was assured by Chunilal that he would refund their money and would also send their wedding package within a week.

A week and half later still no refund and no wedding package.

After further attempts to contact Viran flatly ignored all their emails and refused to take their calls. Eventually, at the end of May 2017 the couple received a package of 6 discs with shockingly poor quality photos and no videos. 

Viran Chunilal soon went off the radar and the couple was unable to make contact with him. He eventually replied via whatsapp stating that the couple was harassing him and that they should stop as it was affecting his business.  

The couple believes that they will never set eyes on their wedding memories thanks to Tuskmedia Productions and the owner Viran Chunilal.

Our precious moments are very valuable to us and it seems the only person with memories of it is Chunilal – we want our refund as promised.

The couple hopes that their story will prevent consumers from falling prey to Chunilal and his dodgy business practice.

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  1. Hello. Regarding your article on Vira. Tusk Media. We fell victim to him as wedding was in September 2016. And to date we are unable to contact him. We have paid him in full. We only received photos. But no video or photo book or hd discs he promised. I would like to know if any help can be offered in trying to find him to call him to book by getting the cops involved. We have engaged attorneys but to no luck as he no longer resides in durban. Please contact me urgently.

    • Hello.
      My husband and I also fell prey to Viran and his countless lies. You wouldn’t believe the excuses and stories he had made up every time I got in contact with him. Our wedding was in June 2018. We wer in desperate need for a reasonable wedding photographer. To date we have received no wedding pictures, no video, no dvds, no photobook, not a thing. The only memorabilia of our special day is the few photos our guests had taken. We had a small wedding of 70 of our dearest friends and family and that special day was ruined by the unprofessional Viran Chunilal and his wife Nirona Ungen.

      I really never imagined people could be this heartless to ruin such an important special day.

  2. Thanks for Sharing your experience with us!

  3. Has viran been located?
    He messed up our wedding videos and promised a full refund because he hasn’t given us what was agreed upon in our contract.
    Tomorrow will be 3 years that I’m married and I still have next to nothing to show for my wedding. He is a fraudster and should not be trusted. He uses hes personal matters to excuse his unprofessional conduct.
    If anyone has any details about him please post it…
    I want justice for what he has done.
    And I’d really like to know that others aren’t falling prey to his lies.