Sridevi forensic report handed to family, funeral to be delayed

Popular Indian actor Sridevi passed away on 24 February night, reportedly after a cardiac arrest. Sridevi was with her husband and younger daughter Khushi in Dubai at the time of her death, where the family was attending Mohit Marwah’s wedding.

The actor’s mortal remains are being flown to Mumbai, where her last rites would be conducted.

The envelope has not been opened. It has been sent to the Bur Dubai police station. Both the representatives have gone to the police station with it.

Once opened by Dubai Police, and the information revealed to the family, then the next step for the process of repatriation will be decided. 

The anatomy of a post mortem 

While there are currently no reported mandatory procedures with regard to post mortem examinations for deaths in Dubai, it could be requested on a case-to-case basis, by either the police or the coroner/paramedic team/examining doctors. This would mostly be in cases where the cause of death is unclear, there is a lack of medical history records or if the person was found in suspicious circumstances.

A post mortem could also be requested by immediate family, to clarify the cause of death.

“The post mortem process can take up to an hour or two. The routine tests usually don’t take more than a day or two unless there are multiple tests being conducted, such as organ tests. This is usually done when the cause of death is unclear from initial exams. In that case, the pathology department could take from 3 days to even a week or more depending on the extent of the tests”, a practicing doctor in the UAE told Gulf News.

Cardiac Arrests

Speaking about cardiac arrests in particular he said, “While doing a post mortem in case of death from cardiac arrest, the initial focus is to find signs of pre-existing coronary vascular problems, like thickening of arteries, blockage, cholesterol plaque in blood vessels, and looking mainly at the heart for evidence of blocks.”

“If there are no pre-existing coronary conditions, a number of factors could lead to a cardiac arrest. They could be external or internal. External factors include any kind of physical trauma such as a blunt hit to the chest area, an electric shock etc. Internal factors could be electrolyte imbalance, extremely low potassium, calcium levels, or sudden metabolic ups or downs. Hypoxia or lack of oxygen can also cause the heart to stop.

Stress to the body post a recent surgery, toxins from severe bacterial infections or even insect/animal bites are other causes of cardiac arrest. The post mortem can effectively find evidence of whichever of these caused a cardiac arrest in the victim”, he said.

Dona Cherian, Guides Writer


The toxicology reports of tests done on blood and organs of Sridevi are expected to reveal the exact cause of her death.

If the reports do not conclusively confirm a natural cause such as the reported heart attack, there will be further investigations which would mean even more delays for sending her body home, sources told Gulf News.

Sridevi’s family had said she had died of a cardiac arrest. Sources had told Gulf News that she had collapsed in the bathroom of her room in Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. The forensic reports will reveal what exactly led to her death.

The long wait of millions of her fans, friends and relatives to know what exactly happened to her and when exactly her body can be flown to India seems to continue even as a private jet sent by Indian business tycoon Anil Ambani is waiting to fly her back home. 

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