No south Indian films to release from March 1

The Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada film industries have decided to not release any new films from March 1, in protest against charges asked by Digital Service Providers

In a coordinated effort, the production councils of all the four industries down south have decided to not release any new films from March 1. The councils claim that the fee charged by Digital Service Providers such as Qube and UFO are exorbitant and hence have decided to protest against the same. In a statement from the Tamil Film Producer Council, the film body has announced that they would support the other industries in the strike.

“A meeting was held on February 1 with the members of the council. We have decided to back the other industries in the strike from March 1. Alternate options instead of using the services by Digital Service Providers were also discussed,” the statement read. It also further said that until their demands are discussed, no new film would release in the month of March.

The strike assumes great significance as the Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Telugu film industries have announced a strike together. With GST, LBET, producers have claimed it difficult to find profits. According to reports, digital service providers charge a fee of Rs 10,000 per movie for one week. On the other hand, providers have said that they are ready to solve the issue. In a statement, QUBE and UFO have said, “We have always welcomed an open discussion from all the industries. However, they have decided to protest against us without even trying to talk to us.”

It is also noteworthy that the strike is being held in the month of March which is generally considered as the dry season in the industries. It might be possible that the producers are aiming to sort their issues before the summer sets in.

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