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Ravi Govender, south african indian author

Ravi Govender’s open letter to President Jacob Zuma

Ravi Govender has been caught in the eye of a storm that led to the influence from the Zuma faction that forced the hand of his employer, SABC to fire him for comments made on social media. 

Govender wrote an open letter that appeared in The New Age newspaper, apologizing to Zuma for his comments that were frowned upon by Edward Zuma who was the driving force to the sacking of Ravi Govender from Lotus FM.

Read his letter here

Dear President Zuma

I am writing to you regarding a post I wrote on my personal Facebook page in July 2017. It was something I said in the heat of the moment and was an error of judgement. When I came to my senses I immediately deleted the post even before things became viral.

Since then I have apologised on many platforms: on Facebook and in numerous national newspapers. I am now humbly directing my apology and sincere regret to you personally,

Sir I am very sorry for the hurt I caused by the comment. The hurt to you and members of your family. It was never meant to be disrespectful or malicious. It was written without forethought. I come from a close-knit and loving family too and I understand how my entire family would feel if someone had insulted my father. It was done Sir, and nothing I do can erase that from the Universe. I wish I could delete it from everyone’s consciousness.

I pray that you find it within yourself to forgive my imperfection and my error and I repeat that I did not mean to insult and hurt you.

With regrets and best wishes,

Ravi Govender
6 February 2018

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