The Post Newspaper responds to criticism

Following the harsh criticism from social media users the Post Newspaper has issued a statement regarding their front-page story on the tragic loss of Shaylen Mudali and Suveer Sookoo.

The journalist in question, Ms. Janine Moodley has been victimized and allegedly threatened with violence which led to it being reported to the authorities. 

The newspaper stands by its position on the coverage of the article stating, 

But we have been accused of being insensitive and sensation-seeking. Our reporter has been victimised, tormented and even threatened for simply doing her job. 

On their reporting of the death and glitzy lives of the two late victims the publication iterates their editorial policy, 

At the outset, it must be pointed out that POST does more than just inform.  Our investigative team gathers facts that some often want suppressed. Hence we will not only go to the usual informants who will be uncontroversial and economical with the truth.

We will also go to the less obvious, who might know other information, so long as it is in the public interest. Hence some of our stories will comprise elements of the good and the bad.

The publication believes that they’ve delivered a high-end article giving readers all the facts:

With reference to the report on the death of Mudali and Sookoo, it must be placed on record that this was a most balanced article in keeping with high journalistic standards. 

The circumstances surrounding the accident were presented, the background of the two young men – including their lifestyles – were also mentioned, because this, after all, is what made them so popular.

Much reference was also made to the caring, compassionate nature of the men as well as their zest for life and hard work ethic. We welcome constructive criticism – more than showing that we are being carefully read, it also gives the opportunity for self-appraisal to ensure we deliver a worthy product.

The POST newsroom comprises a team of dedicated, committed and tireless journalists who all share a common mission: to produce a winning newspaper each week.

As editorial executives, our overriding duty each week is to oversee the production of POST to keep a contract with our loyal readers that they will be offered journalism of the highest standard: accurate reports; informed analysis; and a medley in print of the good, the bad, the challenging, the humorous and the inspiring.

However iTen Entertainment and the general public have had this to say on the statement that was issued.

We cannot believe the level of stupidity in this article. Absolute drivel. Sheer disrespect and utter ignorance!

What in heavens name does any of the article content have to do with two wonderful boys losing their lives?? Did you focus on the good they did? Or the lives they changed? Its not rocket science to work out that families are devastated, and now they have to deal with this?!

“Friends fiery end”???? “Flashy socialites”??? Really??? Distasteful to say the least!

Show some respect! This type of nonsense is the reason we have division in our community and society!

Shaylen Mudali and Suveer Sookoo were two people who would run circles around most of us! Thats a fact!

Heres the “response” – even more dumb than the actual article! Please go leave your comment… these twits deserve to be treated the same way in which they have treated our brothers.

Seriously you call this an apology . You merely justified what you published . Why talk about their background, their lifestyle as if it was just dropped in their laps. Both these young men worked damn hard for everything they had. Your standards are pathetic and disrespectful. You should seriously go back to the boardroom and relook your strategy with respect to reporting and publishing news as it is far from intelligent or decently informed

Would you expect a crap, sensation-seeking tabloid to offer more than this sorry excuse for an apology?  How can you apologise, and then start a paragraph with the word “But”? It negates everything you’ve said to that point and paints you in a far worse light than you already are.  I don’t read the Post and can’t be bothered to read this article as I’m well aware of The Post’s “standards”, however, I have read this sorry excuse for an apology and have no doubt that – based purely on this apology – The Post is deserving of the venom directed to them.

I can’t believe the amount of people who think the wording of the article is OK. 

No Post! No!!!!!! This makes me so angry!

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