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The royal romance of Saif and Kareena

Everything that Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor does becomes news, and more recently, the couple’s son Taimur Ali Khan has been stealing a fair share of his parents’ spotlight. But let’s begin from the beginning. How did the two fall for each other, what followed?

Apparently, Kareena and Saif’s romance started on the sets of the movie Tashan. According to reports, Kareena found Saif attractive and was the first one to make the move.

“He will never make the first move. I was the one who kind of pushed all the right buttons, and plus when I made the first move he was like, I can’t believe that Kareena Kapoor is doing this. It was like an entire building had crumbled on his head,” Kareena was quoted as saying by Cosmopolitan.

kareena kapoor and saif ali khan

The two reportedly were in a live-in relationship and dated for five years before deciding to make things official. While Kareena and Saif didn’t necessarily shout about their love from the rooftops, Saif did grab quite a few eyeballs when he got the actor’s name tattooed on his forearm.

The two tied the knot on October 16, 2012, looking every bit glamorous and royal as it had been expected. While both had been in high-profile relationships before falling for each other, everything took a backseat when the stars got together.

kareena kapoor and saif ali khan

On their wedding day, Kareena wore Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore’s saree. And now the two have the cutest child together, who gets all the love and attention a child could ever want and more. The perfect love story.

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