Viran Chunilal threatens bridal couple holding their footage hostage

After the investigative unit – Kali – exposed Viran Chunilal for his unethical business practice it is apparent that he has no intention of resolving the situation with his client.

Chunilal has hounded staffers at Indian Spice with threats to go to the legal route should the article not be removed. Chunilal was given the opportunity to present his side of the story but he failed to take this opportunity on to clarify the allegations against him.

Thereafter, Chunilal presented a sob story in another failed attempt to convince the editor to remove the article.

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The bride was then contacted by Chunilal and was threatened that she will never receive her wedding footage until she convinces Indian Spice to take down the article.

Her wedding was held in April 2017 and to date she is yet to see her precious wedding photos. The bridal couple entered into a verbal agreement with Viran Chunilal that their wedding photos and videos will be ready by the first of week of May 2017 but to date he has dodged the couple up to now.

ALSO READ: My wedding ruined by fraudster Viran Chunilal

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