Zayn Malik cover versions of Kailash Kher’s songs have our ears bleeding

Singer Kailash Kher says he would like to “jam together” with former One Direction band member Zayn Malik, who made a cover of the Indian artiste’s 2006 hit number “Teri Deewani” — but only on one condition.

On Tuesday, Zayn paid tribute to Kailash by singing a stripped back version of “Teri Deewani”. Though actress Sonam Kapoor found it “beautiful”, most of the music lovers slammed the new version, which was posted on his Instagram account.

Tere deewani by zayn

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Kailash had a piece of advice for the British-Pakistani singer Zayn. “If Zayn is a real fan of Kailasa (Kailash’s band), we have our digital academy coming up. There will be a course dedicated to all our compositions, including ‘Teri deewani’ and all our superhits.”

β€œTo know the correct codes and nuances, he can join (the academy) and enrol himself. It will help him to improve his skills. Then we can jam together in future.” – Kailash Kher

Nevertheless, Kailash feels “nice and honoured when your writing and compositions inspire millions globally”. A few hours after his rendition of “Teri Deewani”, Zayn shared his version of the 2003 song “Allah Ke Bande”, which made Kailash a household name.

The former One Direction member might have to wait a little longer to team up with Kailash, but earlier this month he shared that “I have worked with A.R. Rahman on one song.”

Morning vibes ?

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