Groom shocks guests with his LIT dance moves!

The handsome groom who is a doctor by profession blew everyone away with his dance moves which he recalled from memory. 

This is what he had to say after the overwhelming amount of views that their video got on Youtube.

Thank u all for ur comments whether it was positive or negative as either way round one is an appreciation & other is to take in consideration for me to further improve. Frankly speaking we didn’t expect it to be a hit even if it was in a minor way. Im a doctor not a professional dancer so forgive me for my downs and thank you for d compliments received. It wasn’t planned as it was done in d last minute from my old memory plus bride couldn’t dance as she wasn’t aware of d steps yet she managed to with d uncomfortable heavy dress she wore (To be noted she is a professional dancer compared to me) and as a matter of fact during wedding many factors play a role wen compared to a stage performance.

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