Rajinikanth’s top ‘gangsta’ movie dialogues

Superstar Rajinikanth is back in action and how. The teaser of his upcoming film Kaala was released by actor-producer Dhanush a few minutes past midnight on Friday. And it immediately took the internet by storm.

The film promo is setting the YouTube on fire as it has remained at the No.1 spot since it came out. The teaser packs a punch with a couple of dialogues by Rajinikanth with his infectious swag and energy. We know selecting just a handful of powerful dialogues of Rajinikanth is equivalent to searching a needle in a haystack.

That’s why we have picked the most popular dialogues from Rajinikanth films that fall into ‘gangsta’ category.

“Kya re, setting ah? Vengayin mavan othaila nikka. Dhillu iruntha mothama vangaila.” (I have come alone. If you have guts, come at me all at once). This is easily the manliest movie dialogue to come in a Tamil film of late. He is not the first Tamil hero to challenge his enemies that he will take them down single-handedly. But, when Rajinikanth says the cliché dialogue assumes more weight and significance.

“Intha Karikaalan oda muzhu rowdithanatha neenga patha thila la? pa pinga'(You haven’t seen my downright rowdyism right? You will.) Another punchline from Kaala.

“Tamil padangal la inga maru vachikutu mesai murikutu lugi katikutu nambiyar Hey Kabali apdi nu sonna odney guniji sollunga Yejaman apdi vandhu nenipaney andha mattri Kabali nu nenachi ah da. Kabali da.” How can we not whistle for that?



“Aanda parambarai ellayda Illai da. Ana, Aalappirandhavan da. Kabali da.” Approximation of the dailoge: ‘I don’t come from a powerful background. But, I’m here to rule.’ This one fits so well with Rajinikanth’s real-life too.

“Late-a vanthalum latest-a varuven” (I will be the latest, even if I come late) This is one of the many punchlines from Rajinikanth’s Baba (2002).

“Naan oru thadava sonna nooru thadava sonna madhiri.” (If I say it once, it means that I have said it 100 times) This one from blockbuster Baasha (1995) will never get old.

“Ketta paiyan sir indha Kaali.” (I’m a bad boy.) This iconic dialogue from Rajinikanth’s evergreen film Mullum Malarum (1978) speaks volume about the character’s confidence in himself even when he has lost one hand.

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