Sleekgeek: Should you take protein supplements for gym?

You walk into a health store to find supplements littering the shelves, each promoting its brand as “the cutting edge formula.” As someone new to supplements, who should you believe or talk to about which to buy? In addition, will buying the most expensive supplement formula provide you with the best results?

There is so much information out there on supplements, often driven by marketing campaigns, that make buying supplements less transparent than we hope for.

Workout supplements are an ominous territory, but it doesn’t mean you should knock them out altogether. Supplements can potentially increase your already positive progress and help you achieve bigger and faster results. There are many natural supplements on the market as well. The burning question remains: Is taking supplements worth your while? The answer is maybe. Although they aren’t necessary, they can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Still looking to try them? There are a few points to consider when looking for a good workout supplement, 

There are always questions over protein supplements on the Sleekgeek Health Revolution Facebook Group, so the team at Sleekgeek have put together this guide to explain things from there perspective.

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First, what is a protein supplement?

A protein supplement (also commonly referred to as a protein shake, protein drink, or protein powder) is a dietary supplement that contains a high amount of protein.

It usually comes in a powdered form, ready to be mixed with water, milk, dairy-free alternatives, and so on to create a protein shake.

But, it can also be added to things like oats (yum!) or used to make high-protein meals like protein pancakes, protein muffins, protein ice cream, protein bars, protein yoghurt, and so on.

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These can be fun ways to supplement real food with an extra kick of protein! I’ll see if I can put some recipes together for you sometime, but in the meantime, ProteinPow is an excellent source of protein supplement-based baking and cooking recipes.

Protein supplements can come from a variety of different food sources such as egg, milk (whey, casein), rice, hemp, pea, soy, beef, etc, and in some cases may be a blend of several different types.

Some protein supplements can be fortified with ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, and fibre, or additional carbohydrates and fats.

Furthermore, most protein supplements also have added sweeteners, flavourants, colourants, thickeners, and so on added to improve their taste, appearance, and texture.

Watch the video here at this link where Elan Lohmann talks you through the use of supplements

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SleekGeek Health and fitness

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