Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan
Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan has passed away this morning 29 April, Wednesday after battling neuroendocrine tumour since 2018.

Irrfan Khan diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumour

Irrfan Khan on Friday released a statement on his Twitter handle about the rare disease he has been suffering from. The actor has been diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumour and he will be travelling out of India for his treatment. In a statement, Irrfan wrote, “The unexpected makes us grow, which is what the past few days have been about. Learning that I have been diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumour as of now has admittedly been difficult, but the love and strength of those around me and that I found within me has brought me to a place of hope. The journey of this is taking me out of the country, and I request everyone to continue sending their wishes. As for the rumours that were floated NEURO is not always about the brain and googling is the easiest way to do research 😉 To those who waited for my words, I hope to be back with more stories to tell.”

A few days back Irrfan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar posted a long note about her husband’s health conditions and even called him a ‘warrior’. She wrote, “My best friend and my partner is a ‘warrior’ he is fighting every obstacle with tremendous grace and beauty.” Echoing the positive thoughts of her husband, she added, “It wasn’t and isn’t and is not going to be easy but the hope ignited by the magnitude of family, friends and fans of Irrfan has made me only optimistic and almost sure of the victory.”

Just a few days ago, Irrfan had shared a cryptic post on social media saying he is suffering from a rare disease and he will only be able to confirm his situation in a week’s time. “Sometimes you wake up with a jolt with life-shaking you up. The last 15 days, my life has been a suspense story. Little had I known that my search for rare stories would make me find a rare disease,” Irrfan tweeted on February 5.

“I have never given up and have always fought for my choices and always will. My family and friends are with me and we are working it out the best way possible. In trying times, please don’t speculate as I will myself share with you my story within a week – 10 days, when further investigations come with a conclusive diagnosis. Till then, wish the best for me,” he added.

Vishal Bhardwaj had also announced last month that he had to push back his upcoming project with Deepika Padukone and Irrfan as the two actors were down with health problems. But Irrfan was diagnosed of jaundice then. Bhardwaj had posted on Facebook, “I am pushing back the film by a few months as both of my lead actors are down with different health problems. Irrfan is down with jaundice.”

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