Lotus FM RJ suspended over anti-Muslim statement on social media

Pauline Rosanna Sangham who hosts shows on the Indian lifestyle station, Lotus FM has been suspended over statements made on social media against Islam.

Sangham hosts the  “Gospel Hour” which is a Christian based show on Sunday evenings.

Social media users were in shock to discover Sangham’s strong statements over the Muslim-based faith calling the religions a ‘false religion’ with a holy book that is ‘false.’ The social media post called Allah of the Quran as not a God of the bible and Jesus of the Quran not the same as the bible. 

The Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, a South African NPO has formally addressed the matter with Station Manager, Alvin Pillay to take measures to manage the incident and make a public statement with regard to the incident. The Jamaat calls the matter as blasphemous and means to promotion of Islamophobia.

A slew of comments have surfaced on social media calling for the South African Human Rights Commission to investigate the incident. 

According to Sangham, she has refuted claims that she made the comments stating that her ‘phone was hacked.’

The station has suspended her while an ongoing investigation has been instituted. 


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  1. Ramona Marimuthu

    What she said is true. There is only one true God.

  2. This is a sad day for inter cultural relations when some ignorant people abuse other religious sectors. Pauline needs to apologise to the Nation and to Muslims in General for her intellectual deficiencies. She must be charged by The Human rights Commission and also made to do Community service in Refugee Camps to experience what utterances made by people like her can lead to.

  3. Muslims appear to be ignorant that their religious book speaks of people who don’t belong to their religion in a very negative way. Ignorance on several levels.

    Band of thugs – that’s what they are!

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