A letter of conscience to the listeners of Lotus FM

Following the furore on social media over anti-Islamist statements allegedly made by Lotus FM radio jock, Pauline Rosanna Sangham – a Lotus FM listener shares her views.

A letter of conscience to the listeners of Lotus FM:

I, an avid listener of Lotus FM am horrified by the racist anti- muslim comment made by Lotus FM presenter Pauline Sangham .

Lotus FM should be ashamed and disgusted that they have in their employ a person of such ignorance and who displays such hatred towards our fellow brothers and sisters of the Islamic faith.

It is even more shocking that Lotus FM defiantly has taken no action against this hate-monger.

I appeal to Lotus FM listeners to contact the radio station to strongly condemn their employee Pauline Sangham and call for her immediate dismissal.

I also appeal to all companies and individuals associated with Lotus FM to withdraw their support for the radio station .

Lastly, I appeal to all Lotus FM presenters and in particular the Muslim presenters of Lotus FM to publicly condemn and dissociate themselves from their hate-filled colleague and to publicly support the calls for dismissal of Pauline Sangham .

Forward your condemnation and call for action against Pauline Sangham to:

  • Lotus FM
    Telephone: (031) 362 5444
  • Facebook: @lotus.fm
  • Twitter: @Lotusfm
  • Instagram : @officiallotusfm
  • Youtube : LotusFM
  • Website : www.lotusfm.co.za

Let us the listeners of Lotus FM stand against the evil of hate speech .

Yours in peace
Miss M. Fathima

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  1. And your religion is the one that is sanctified???

    Any people that believe that have to be bone heads!

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