Comedy for a good cause – your support is needed Durban!

Mama always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” That line from the movie Forrest Gump inspires me and makes me anxious too. I love hearing it – because if anything, it emphasises the unpredictability of life. How you handle those curveballs shows your true character. It’s deep, I know. And, I will come to that later.

But, for now, let’s get back to those chocolates. My childhood, like yours too I hope, was sweetened by chocolates. One of my favourite memories is of my grandfather coming home with a packet of chocolates – the gold wrapping shimmering through in those perfect circles. Yes, it was those infamous golden coin chocolates. Part of the fun was peeling off the delicately pressed wrapping, and then, the joy of that first bite. It was a treat!

And no matter how many things have changed over the decades, the happiness on a child’s face when they set their eyes on, get their hands on, unwrap and tuck into a chocolate remains as precious and priceless!

And so it’s no surprise that the line-up for an upcoming fundraising comedy show in Durban is being billed as “a box of chocolates”. It’s about giving children at the Edith Benson Home renewed hope, laughter and the chance to enjoy more treats in life.

For those not in the know, the home, run by the Child Welfare Durban, was gutted by fire last month. Fortunately, the approximately 55 children and 12 child and youth care workers were unharmed and evacuated before the fire could spread. The fire destroyed cottages, the lounge‚ kitchen dining area and play sections of the home. Durban residents and organisations immediately rallied to the call to assist with much needed items and donations to the home.

It’s this generosity of spirit that comedian and activist Jo Holroyd is appealing to once again. There’s significant work and funds needed to rebuild and refurbish the place that the children fondly called home. In true Durban spirit (yes, I love my amazing city!), comedians will be getting on stage to do their bit for the children and they need your support.


Here’s more details from the official press release:

“Jo Holroyd takes to the stage as a host to a variety of performers ranging from high-energy social commentator and East Coast Radio producer Rory Petzer, award-winning Zulu comedienne Nonto R, and East Coast Radio presenter Neil Green to Durban’s self-professed “Queen of Woke Comedy” Leah Jasmine, dark comic and (youth) culture expert Bob Perfect as well as newcomers like the observational Akheel Maharaj. The line-up also includes familiars Troy Tesla, Sbu Mnyanda, Musa Zondi and Venessa Morton, as well as a host of up and coming and established comics. This line-up is colourful, and their topics will be too, so it’s best to leave kids at home for this one as no under 18s are allowed.” 

Co-incidentally, the comedy event takes place on the International Day of Happiness. Nothing could bring greater happiness for these children than being back in the comfortable surroundings that the home provided. The fire was a curveball in their lives. As children, it’s in their character to be resilient and strive to be happy, no matter what. And, I hope it’s in your character to help them along this journey.

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