Pauline Rosanna Sangham’s Facebook has a history of Islamophobic comments

Pauline Rosanna Sangham who hosted the Gospel Hour show every Sunday on the Indian lifestyle station, Lotus FM has been suspended over statements made on social media against Islam. 

The public should also be made aware that Sangham is an employee of Lotus FM and not Newsbreak Lotus. This was the comment on Facebook that landed her in hot water. 

Sangham has refuted claims that she made the hateful comment on social media and stated that her account had been hacked. She then posted a status on Facebook soon after to quell the storm that was raging against her. 

Following messages of support for her it seemed the greater social media community did not buy into her excuse that her account had been hacked.

The South African Muslim Network has also formally approached the broadcaster to remove Sangham from their employ following the incident. Read their letter here

A history of abusing the name of Islam

A search of Sangham’s rolling commentary on Islam has been unearthed going back a few weeks ago where she makes scathing commentary against Islam and the holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) (PBUH).

Have a look here: 

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  1. I participate a lot on discussions on youtube concerning islam. In particular on anti islam rhetoric with islamophobes and fake ex muslims and such like. The peculiar thing is much of Pauline,s commnents are identical to comments from international islamophobes. Since it is no secret that zionists are on a collision course with islam and are spending tons of money world wide to further their agenda . They recruit people in media with the lure of money and exposure on prestigious platforms . For instance if you look at the indian media landscape , its is blatantly anti islam . This does not represent the majority of the people but because they have reach these bought off stooges use media as a lucrative tool t the behest of media giants worldwide and most are zionist owned.

    So i am wondering if Pauline has bought into this lucrative scheme as her comments look like copybook zionist and evangelical rhetoric. Please understand that zionism and evangelical christianity have joined forces and both are driven by hunger for immense greed for wealth and materialism. The evangelical money making empires do NOT represent true christianity as it was preached in the normal parishes and cathedrals with dedicated priests. Today, church nproperties are being sold off as there are no congregants and instead you have these private evangelical type of churches and i am sure one is aware of the scams that go on and the weird practices . They have their own private television stations and private jets whilst fleecing the public. There was more honesty and sincerety and spirituality in the normal churches and parishes which are fast dissapearing. I say this as a muslim and i have seen years of life . The church bell on a sunday was wonderful . But now there are private churches. Islamophobia is a big lucrative industry and the comments of pauline are all too familiar smack out of the zionist manual for islamophobes. Check out the comments column on such types of youtube videos and you will see what i am talking about. In most cases the comments on these type of youtube videos are put in by the video publishers themselves under different made up names to give the impression that their video is well received. How do we know this, because the quality of the comments, the type of abusive and vile language, and the made up lies and the false quotation of hadith and the false quoting of the quranic verses out of context. The comments of Pauline match so i am wondering if she has been recruited. Just wondering.

  2. A true seeker of God, does not close himself off to any religion / or religious doctrine, but freely, and without need of fear, finds his answers beyond borders, but mostly within. Every human should be without fear of forced conversions, such as in the instances of India on the rise of organized religion 2000 years ago. No people deserve the mass slaughters, tortures, and forced conversions in the name of “God” as India suffered in the past 2000 years.

    Right or wrong? If one can’t restore life, one should not take it. Right or Wrong?

    Indians and the world, must learn their true history… a history that spans millions of years… They must question intelligently, their roots, and what happened, then it is guaranteed the end of warring over religion will be achieved and a renewed quest for deep spiritual enlightenment can begin.

    God is the creator of each and every living thing, isn’t that true?

    God loves all His / Her creation isn’t that true?

    From the biggest to the tiniest ant. Each are known to God. Krishna says so in Bhagavad Gita. as It Is.. why are people oblivious to these things?

    Perhaps it is time to stop fighting over religion and start learning about God, because this is the focus of true religion, not violence, or forced conversions, murder and politics, in the name of God. Learning about God and Gods personality is what humans will enjoy most. Descriptions of Allah, Jehovah, Christ and Krishna are not very different if one does unbiased research.

    Religious fanaticism, that there is only this way and not that way, and trying to limit the infinite, is pure ignorance.

    Ignorance will be cured if everyone focused on God alone, and learned to love God, then they will progress to not intentionally harming another being. A person who is evolving on the spiritual path, recognises the energy of God in all life forms and does less to injure others, and more to be a gift in the lives of others, without evil intent. God sees all.

    Knowing God, establishing a relationship with God, brings REAL peace and happiness in peoples lives, otherwise, what is the point? There is no point claiming MY GOD, YOUR GOD, MY RELIGION, YOUR RELIGION, and citing hatred… these actions show how one knows so little of the almighty, but has big egos instead. LEARN ABOUT GOD FIRST. There is only love and unity under God, there is no sectarianism, bias and discrimination. Call God anything you like: Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, Krishna, Shiva, Rama, Radha, Durga, Laksmi, whatever suits you and your intellect… but don’t disturb other people who are not disturbing you.

    People don’t want to be harmed, so why harm another? The ancient Hindus and Buddhists have tolerated so many injustices by Christianity and Islam, yet they never went to other countries pretending to bring aid while busy converting others, they don’t begin warring, or making new laws, they accepted their plight, worked hard and prayed hard, and a good example are the Indians who came to work in South Africa… People should learn how to be humble like this, how to be peaceful, like this… Gandhi demonstrated even passive resistance, which are the traits of true Hinduism… if someone slapped him he would offer the other cheek… so people of today… THINK TWICE… raising fists, spreading hatred and fear destroying holy places, are not the way of the righteous… violence begets violence.

    All of us have been given intelligence, so we should use it… but not to destroy others, or ridicule other peoples belief systems, to raise ones own. Most people have not willingly chosen a belief system to start with. The fact is that their ancestors have been coerced / forced / tortured into it… Few people ever truly question who or what God is, where God is, and what God does. Let’s hope everybody opens their mind hereafter and chooses to follow Gandhijis example – and the example of many peaceful, humanitarians, who are well deserving of respect regardless of their religion belief colour, language…

    May we all get to see God… we can if we qualify ourselves. “Be Good, Do Good, Be Kind, Be Compassionate, Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate… Bear insult, bear injury, highest sadhana, Inquire who am I, Know the Self and be free” – Swami Sivananda. I hope everyone gets to experience this. May peace be upon us all. Om Shanti.