Twitterati welcome Pakistan’s first transgender news anchor

In a move that is being lauded widely on social media, a news channel in Pakistan has cast a transgender person as their news anchor. Videos of Maavia Malik reading out the news have been doing the rounds on social media and many have appreciated the move, especially if posts on Twitter are to go by. According to a report by The Express Tribune, private TV channel Kohenoor News cast Malik as a news anchor, in what is being hailed as a historic first for the nation.

With this, India’s neighbouring nation joins a league of countries that have been moving towards acknowledging the third gender and giving them prominent representation in the society. Padmini Prakash was the first Indian to host a news show on Lotus TV, Apsara Reddy worked with the BBC and Britain’s Paris Lees worked with the Channel 4 news.

This year, in another first, transgender persons will be part of more than 150 boy scouts from Pakistan to serve as volunteers during the Hajj pilgrimage.

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