Beyond The Clouds: Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan’s sibling story is gripping

Ishaan Khatter is all set to make a smashing Bollywood debut with acclaimed filmmaker Majid Majidi’s upcoming film Beyond The Clouds. While the film will hit the screens on April 20, the makers just dropped a new trailer on the internet and we are beyond interested.

While this new trailer opens just like the previous one, it gives us a vastly different insight into Majid Majidi’s world. The first trailer focused on establishing how Ishaan Khatter’s character Amir plunges into the world of drug peddling to earn money. We also saw how through some slip-ups, Amir’s benefactor-cum-sister Tara (Malavika Mohanan) ends up in jail. But through this new trailer, Majidi shows a completely different storyline where a third person, played by Gautam Ghose, is also involved in Tara’s adversity.

The latter part of the trailer follows how Amir is forced to give shelter and take care of Ghose’s family despite him believing that Ghose is the person responsible for Tara’s ill fate. Featuring some amicable moments with Ghose’s daughter, Ishaan’s treatment of Ghose’s family seems to be a parallel to his childhood relationship with Tara.

Despite Beyond The Clouds being Ishaan and Malavika’s first Bollywood film, the two do not seem like novices in their craft in the clips released till now. While the full story can only be known when the film releases, their performances seem gripping. And together with a highly acclaimed director like Majid Majidi on the helm, Beyond The Clouds could give other releases a run for their money.

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