Pauline Rosanna Sangham speaks out

Indian Spice has reached out to Pauline Rosanna Sangham for comment over the storm that currently rages over her alleged comments on social media. 

Sangham has remained silent until now over the matter in which she is accused of hate-mongering against the Muslim community and Islam.

Sangham had refuted claims that she made the hateful comment on social media and stated that her account had been hacked. She then posted a status on Facebook soon after to quell the storm that was raging against her. 

The South African Muslim Networks’ (SAMNET) conducted an indepth investigation into Sangham’s social media history last week which revealed similar utterances made by her account which contradicts her public admission that her Facebook account was hacked. 

Sangham was adamant that the media was on a trail to destroy her reputation despite remaining friendly with her. She also indicated that she intends to take legal action against relevant media publications with the support of the Christian community. 

I have rights too. I am going to be suing some of the news papers for wrong information as well. ~ Pauline Rosanna Sangham

In the conversation with us, she is adamant that her rights have been violated and that she has been persecuted for speaking the truth and standing up for her faith.

I will be taking legal action against every media. I have got the Christian community to back me up. I have a right to debate and discuss. I have rights to find the truth. I have rights and they have been violated. ~ Pauline Rosanna Sangham

Sangham went on to state to us, “We are not dealing with peaceful people here. God says love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

She also went on to state that her conviction of the religion of Islam has to do with her reading the Quran personally and engages in debate with other Muslims. 

Going all out to destroy someone is definitely not a religion of peace. ~ Pauline Rosanna Sangham

Sangham believes she has been treated unfairly by Lotus FM, “Yes Naufal I have been treated unfairly. Freedom in all forms especially speech is not a choice but a universal right. It’s terribly disgusting what they have done when they call Christians pigs and dogs say openly our religion is false because our Jesus did not die. The perpetrators have become the victims and the victim has become the perpetrator, how ironic.”

SAMNET proceeding with criminal & civil charges

The South African Muslim Networks’ attorneys are currently formulating criminal and civil charges against Sangham. The organisation appealed to Muslims to not react to her in anyway that denigrates our religion but rather to let the law take its course.

The organisation further stated that Sanghams’ posts and those who she has been interacting with indicate growing Islamophobia and is more reason for them to strengthen their advocacy capabilities as well to portray Islam in a way befitting the example set by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

It is also believed that Sangham has been dismissed from the SABC indian lifestyle radio station yesterday.

A search of Sangham’s rolling commentary on Islam has been unearthed going back a few weeks ago where she makes scathing commentary against Islam and the holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) (PBUH). Have a look here


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