Your tongue is a weapon use it carefully

A few Facebook posts caught my attention recently from Islamophobia to racism and blatant hatred. It’s even scarier when you realise it’s not just media personalities, like the recent Lotus FM issue, but it’s also everyday people who have hate, who advocate violence and call for harm to other humans.

A recent Facebook post really got under my skin.

Across my newsfeed was a picture of a marine corps hugging his child, before he leaves to fight a war on the other side of the world?

A war which is claiming little girls the same age as his own child.

The caption read:

“My heart is so heavy for our Marine Corp took today. When will this all stop? God Bless Our Troops.”

A friend of hers commented and said:

“When we blow that entire part of the earth off the map.”

 To which she responds: “Please get on that ASAP!”

That “part of the world” she refers to is pretty evident – more disturbing was her friend cheering on the kill.

Surely killing anyone anywhere is not something anyone should be advocating.

So the call to annihilate an entire part of the world is actually advocating, preaching, supporting, and even demanding the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent people including children? By the way, the Middle East is not only made up of “terrorists”, nor are terrorists confined only to the Middle East whom I assume are the targets.

Here’s a quick lesson.

Did you know? The people of the Middle East does have babies, children, women, grandparents, families, students, Christians, Muslims, Jews, blacks, whites, Arabs. The Middle East is also very progressive; with amazing shopping destinations, culinary feasts, museums and thousands of years of history. The Middle East is not “one collective terrorist hub” which needs to be wiped off the earth. If that were the case, the other end of the earth would probably have been wiped off the face of the earth first.

In my opinion, a terrorist by definition is someone who conjures up fear in another person.

A person shooting up innocent children in a school is a terrorist (one can call him a mentally deranged person, if that makes you sleep better). In my opinion he is a terrorist.

Back to my train of thought, even though I was tempted to respond to this post and the other islamophobic post by the Lotus FM talk show host, apparently when a person gets emotional in a comment; they are no longer considered to be a rational thinker. In my case it’s even worse, no matter what you say, just being a Muslim, you are a terrorist by default.

Did anyone even think that maybe a Muslims’ emotions are not so much about assumptions and presumptions, maybe they simply get emotional because one death is one death too many. So when you see us get emotional, it stems from a place of complete horror when one sees comments instigating or calling for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people, anywhere in the world or locally, irrespective of race, religion or gender. If past experience has taught me anything; sometimes the best response is no response.

Hatred and ignorance is like a disease, if you cut off the infected area, you are just removing a small part of the problem this disease comes from a place deep within.

As human beings; we can decide to separate ourselves from hate and embrace love and respect of one another and our perspective races, religion, sexuality, gender or physical ability and disability. I refuse to give them my attention or understanding. I refuse to tolerate hatred in any form.

All I can do is ask people to become less ignorant by reading more; open your mind before you go spewing your misinformation on social media. We are all capable and should be responsible to educate ourselves.

Advocating killing of any human is sheer evil!

Our past plagues us still. Many cannot or refuse to move beyond hatred, discrimination, racism, stereotyping locally or globally. Bottom line is that no one will progress if we continue on this path; peace will forever be chased and not attained.

We will continue to annihilate people of a certain colour, creed or gender. Hatred and discrimination only generates violence, dissension, and numbness. Just the word “hate” is so fully loaded, its ugly, offensive, nasty, hate is an action, it’s taught from adult to child, from one generation to another; this has to stop.

As for ignorance, well there is no excuse for it, in the information age, ignorance is a choice

About Saffiya Ismail

Born in Pietermaritzburg, she now resides in Johannesburg and says her most important role in life is being a mother. Saffiya is a freelance writer. A contributing author in “Riding the Samoosa Express” (Anthology launched 21st March 2015). With a second chapter submitted for the next book, Saffiya says her passion is writing.

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