#Tattoos: Things you should know before getting inked

From corporate professionals to housewives and college teenagers, getting inked is the most fashionable thing — hence it is important to get certain things straight about the art of tattoos.

Sunny Bhanushali, celebrity tattoo artist and owner of Aliens Tattoo, and Sameer Karkhanis who is a Cosmetic Surgeon at the Centre for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery provide some tips.


* Tattoos are a lifelong commitment. One needs to be absolutely sure about getting the tattoo, the design and the colours. Also, tattoo removal is expensive and cumbersome.

* Your tattoo will not look the same after 10, 20, 30 years. As your skin is elastic, it ages and brings about a major change in the texture.

* Getting inked at a shack on a Goa beach may be cheap compared to a professional tattoo parlour — but it’s not a good idea. Do not do get such tattoos done as they may not be hygienic.

* The ink used for tattoos should be organic and should not contain chemicals like lead and nickel.

* Getting a tattoo is like getting a cosmetic surgery done. Just like how you would listen to your doctor’s instructions about aftercare for optimum recovery, you must follow everything that a tattoo artist tells you. Things could go wrong if you do not follow his or her instructions.

Veer Hegde is known to be one of the best tattoo artists in India who’s based in Bangalore. After a few years of working and some soul searching he found his path he found himself in the tattoo industry!

He is tattooing today because he is gifted to create amazing tattoos.  He wants to make a mark and touch people’s lives.

If money was not a priority this is what he would do in life! His tattooing has been groomed by artists Anil Gupta of Inkline Studios – New YorkAndre Afferni – Italy, he has tattooed out of his own studios in Wood Street – Bangalore.

He is rated as best tattoo artist in Bangalore and among 5 best tattoo artists in India, eternal expression is rated as a must visit tattoo studio in India and the best tattoo studio in Bangalore – GQ Magazine

If you are heading to India on a vacation maybe check out his website for more about him and booking an appointment with him.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. Before getting inked we must ensure proper sanitation measures in order to prevent bad experience.