There’s something special about the Easter weekend in Durban….

There’s something special about the Easter weekend in Durban….

It’s a time of religious, cultural and spiritual significance for many faiths and beliefs. And, the sense of respect, tolerance, harmony and unity in diversity that prevails during Easter is what one should aspire to at all times in South Africa.

Maya Jagjivan-Kalicharan will be giving a talk on Friday on “Going Organic – the cost-effective and safe way, amid the listeriosis panic.”

One of the most-loved events, held annually over the upcoming long weekend is the Festival of Chariots.

There are vibrant new additions to the festival this year and some traditional favourites, including mantra-meditation, a sound evolution concert, cooking demos, informative talks and yoga.

Entrance to all events are free! However, the following events require prior registration

  • Everybody Dance – Dandiya: Sunday 4.00pm
  • Everybody Dance – Drumming: Sunday 5.30pm
  • Morning Walk & Yoga : Monday 7.00am

Click on this link to register –

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