Janhvi Kapoor pens letter to Mom Sridevi: I still feel your love.

Sridevi’s untimely death left a void in the lives of her husband Boney Kapoor and her two daughters Janhvi and Khushi. 

During the promotions of her last silver screen outing MOM, Sridevi talked about her two daughters Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor and how she has sleepless nights when Janhvi and Khushi party till late in the night. Her many public appearances also held a testimony to the close bond she shared with both of them. But, on February 24, her untimely demise left a void in the lives of her husband Boney Kapoor and her two daughters.

Few days ago, Boney wrote a heartfelt letter for his late wife Sridevi where he mentioned that the mother of Janhvi and Khushi was also their best friend. On Saturday, Sridevi’s eldest daughter Janhvi penned an emotional letter remembering her mother.

In the letter, Janhvi, who is all set to make her Bollywood debut with Dhadak, wrote, “There’s is a gnawing hollowness in my chest that I know I’ll have to learn how to live with. Even with all this emptiness, I still feel your love. I feel you are protecting me from sadness and pain. Every time I close my eyes, I only have good things to remember.” Along with the letter, the young actor has shared a series of photos from the family album and as you scroll through them, the mother-daughter bond the two shared becomes much evident.

Read the full letter here:

Also, in the caption of the photos Janhvi has posted on Instagram, she has requested people to respect the relationship Boney Kapoor and Sridevi shared. “Please know that the biggest part of my mother was the love she shared with papa. And their love is immortal because there was nothing like it in the whole world. Please respect that because it hurts to think anyone would ever try to tarnish it,” wrote Janhvi, who is still trying hard to come to terms with the grave loss of her mother.

“Preserving the sanctity of what they had would mean the world not only to my mother but also to a man who’s entire being revolved around her, and her two children who are all that remains of their love. Me and Khushi have lost our mother but papa has lost his “Jaan”. She was so much more than just an actor or a mother or a wife. She was the ultimate and the best in all these roles. It mattered a great deal to her to give love and to get love. For people to be good and gracious and kind. She didn’t understand frustration or malice or jealousy. So let’s be that. Let’s be full of only good and give only love. That would make her happy, to know that even in death, she gave you all something. The courage and inspiration to fill yourselves with nothing but love and rid yourselves of bitterness in any way and form. That’s what she stood for. Dignity, strength and innocence, ” she continued.

Signing off she thanked the fans of Sridevi and wrote, “Thank you for the love and support everyone has shown us in the past couple of days. It’s given us hope and strength and we can’t thank you all enough.”