Jailoshini Naidoo walks out from Lotus FM’s Breakfast Express

Just 2 days into the reshuffle, the Breakfast Express anchored by O’Neill Nair has already run into some serious problems.

The station’s new line-up kicked off this week, 02 April 2018 promising a fresh take that would encourage a return of lost listenership. 

Popular actor and comedian Jailoshini Naidoo who co-anchored the new breakfast show has walked out due to a clash of egos on the show. It is rumored that O’Neill Nair’s overbearing demands to remain in charge of the show and its programming left Naidoo without a voice. 

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This is not the first time that O’Neill Nair has run into problems with fellow team staffers on his shows. Nair was removed from the breakfast show previously as management noticed a decline in ratings as well as his arrogant stance on not taking instructions from producers. 

It is not known if Naidoo will be handed her old show back on Saturday mornings or will be part of the station going forward. 

Naidoo was unavailable for comment when Indian Spice contacted her and the station is yet to issue a press release over the incident.

ALSO READ: Lotus FM on-air revamp. Another cabinet reshuffle. Will it help?


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  1. It seems that Radio Lotus has not learnt the valid lessons from past experiences despite losing bulk listenership. The station is losing its sense of understanding to the public’s demands. Perhaps the problem lies with the poor management of the station. They have lost big names in the industry like Neville Pillay, uncles Bala and Peru, Asha Maharaj and now possibly Jailoshni.. it’s sad because we don’t tune in to listen to the rest of the unorthodox nonsense content they deliver. After listening to the real talent listed above, the listener generally stays tuned to the station. However if there is no reason to tune in, the listener will tune to another station altogether. We have voiced our opinion to the Broadcasting complaints commission, they forwarded the complaints to the station management. We got a poor reply back, which clearly indicates the lack of poor management. Perhaps it’s high and about time you need to listen to the public’s demands to gain listener ship. Good back to the roots that put the station on the map. Improve song choices, bring back the talented individuals, get rid of the ppl that think they please the audience and change management!!!! Get rid of so many Muslim presenters and employee ppl that are from all religions. NOT that I have anything against Muslims.

  2. Lotus FM needs to seriously address its inhouse issues appropriately. Talented RJ’s from the unit have been and are being sacrificed as of some idiot egos. Latest victim Sridhika Pillai suffering same fate. Come on management of Lotus FM; catch a wake up. Bring back Neville Pillay, Faheem Jamadhar, Vikash & Ray and all the others that you have given the boot who really added value to your organisation. I believe that an organisation should try their utmost to support and mentor their staff irrespective of minor disputes that look big – these can be fixed just a deeper understanding. Bring back Varshan and move that immature girl out of her slot or alternatively put in Zakia to do the countdown. Come on Lotus FM. You being outclassed by the streaming and community stations. I believe you can do better.

    • Rachael Moodley

      Please bring Bala and Peru and Neville pillay.. aND SRIDHIKA PILLAY..Mishka was useless with her fake voice. They are talented presenters.

  3. Despite all the drama at Lotus FM and calls for return of “rinse and repeat” presenters, people fail to notice that change is the only constant! Bringing back the rinse and repeat presenters won’t solve the problem. New talent needs to be identified among our younger generation by giving them opportunities for development. The has-beens will remain that….we enjoyed them and its time to cherish their memories and move on. They are replaceable with younger generation talent that is being stymied by brought -back-washed-outs and their drama. Kick out the trouble makers, bring on the fresh new talent and let see the new stars shine brighter than the egotistic trouble causing bring backs!

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