Sushmita Sen raises the fitness bar higher with knuckle push-up

If you thought fitness after 40 was not challenging enough, Sushmita Sen’s workout will make you think twice. Recently, the mother of two shared a video on her Instagram account of herself doing Knuckle Push-Ups. Sen, who regularly posts snippets of her workouts and fitness regime on Instagram, keeps on raising the bar higher with each passing time.

Knuckle Push-Up is a strenuous exercise that involves doing push-ups with all the pressure on the knuckles instead of the palms. While it can be quite difficult in the beginning, the following benefits might convince you to include it in your daily fitness regime.

* It helps improve muscular stability in the arms, shoulders and core. While normally, push-ups are performed with open palms, which is significantly larger than your fist, the decreased surface area of the knuckles requires the muscles in the upper body to work harder in order to maintain your balance.

* They also boost overall upper body strength as well as the strength of smaller stabilizing muscles.

* One of the most important benefits of this workout is of course, the increased strength in your knuckles and wrists. The constant contact of the knuckles with the ground during push-ups will strengthen the bones of the knuckles as well as toughen the skin that covers the knuckles.

* The straight position of your wrist during a knuckle push-up requires constant stabilization of the joint. Over time, this will result in strong, stable wrists.

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