A New Age Cover of the Tamil State Anthem

What better way to ring in the Tamil New Year, than with a fusion cover of the official state anthem of Tamil Nadu! 

This is a cover of the original song by the band IndoSoul, produced and directed by Karthik Charan. Scroll to the end of the story for the credits.

Tamil Anthem (Translated)

Wavy waters of the ocean
draped by the earth-maiden in exuberance
The beauteous face that
sweetens the land of Bharata
In the South (of India)
as the best in it, as the land of Dravidians

As a beauteous round vermilion mark
on South Indiaโ€™s forehead
Oh, Lady Tamil!

Like the fragrance of that vermilion mark
you please the entire world
in all directions your fame spreads
You are so!
Oh! Lady Tamil!

On seeing your bounty and youth
awestruck by your prowess
and forgetting myself
I praise thee!

Karthick and Karthik

Karthick Iyer is a Chennai based violinist, musician and composer. He calls his brand of music, and his band, IndoSoul. You can check out their music, and support the crowdfunding project for โ€˜2 sides of Karmaโ€™, their third album right here.

Karthik Charan is a freelance content producer who dabbles short films, documentaries and music videos.

The video and the cover of Tamil Thai Vazhthu has been approved by the government of Tamil Nadu.


Producer & Director – S Karthik Charan
Music Composer – Karthick Iyer
Lyrics – Shri Manonmaniam Sundaranar
Cinematography – Mayoon Sri Prakash
Editing – Robinson
Colorist – Edward Jeffrey
Art Designs – Thirumaran
Graphics – Shaan Basha
Additional Cinematography – Arun Prasath
Studio – Saintunes
Violin & Vocal – Karthick Iyer
Guitar – Vikram Vivekanand
Mirdangam , Konnakol & Cajon – Sumesh Narayanan
Drums – Ramkumar Kanakarajan
Bass – Conrod Simmons
Additional Keyboards – Anish Chacko
Mixing –  Bob Phuken ( Aura Studios – Chennai)
Mastering – John Webber – ( Air Studios – London )

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