Chennai Temple adorned with currency notes worth $6000 on Tamil New Year

On the occasion of Puthandu — popularly known as the Tamil new year — the Bala Vinayagar Temple in Chennai’s Arumbakkam has been decorated with Indian currency notes. According to ANI, around four lakh rupees approximately $6000 dollars, have been used for the ornamentation of the holy place. It is said that every year, the temple is adorned similarly.

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The occasion is set as per the lunisolar Hindu calendar’s solar cycle and the first day of the traditional Tamil new year is a public holiday in Tamil Nadu as well as Sri Lanka. A 1.29-minute video shows the insides of the temple which is completely covered with money. For people in Kerala, the festive day is called Vishu. Meanwhile, it is known as Bihu in Assam, Vaishakhi in Punjab and Pohela Boishakh in West Bengal.

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