Here are the monsters who raped and murdered Asifa

The two main accused of Asifa case *Deepak Khajuria, Special Police Officer *Sanji Ram, custodian of the Devisthan temple where she was kept & repeatedly raped before being murdered.

She was an 8-year-old girl who, while grazing her horses in a meadow in northern India in January, followed a man into the forest. Days later, Asifa Banoโ€™s small, lifeless body was recovered a few hundred metres away from her home.

Police say that Asifa had been given sedatives and, for three days, she was raped several times by various men. The child’s strangled body was eventually found Jan. 17. Police say she would have been killed sooner had one man not insisted on waiting so that he could rape her a final time.

To ensure that the child was dead, the killers struck her twice on the head with a stone, according to charge documents filed by police in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and published by the Indian news website Firstpost.


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