Mumbai fashion designer arrested for rapes of his minor daughters

Out of all the relationships that exists in this world, the bond between a parent and their child is sacred. The child learns most of their life lessons from them. They learn to trust and respect them. And in return kids want to be loved and cherished before they step into the outside world. However, what will that child do if their perception of how the society works is shattered by none other than their parents?

According to Times of India, a 42-year old father of four was arrested for the alleged sexual assault of two of his elder daughters, aged 17 and 13 for two years. As advised by a special Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act court, the accused will be kept under police custody till April 13.

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As per reports, it was on Sunday that the father had threatened the 17-year old survivor of cutting off her financial supplies that she requires for her education. In addition to that he also blackmailed the daughter by telling her that he’ll throw her out of the house if she doesn’t give in to his sickening demands.

Eventually, this caused the eldest daughter to confide in her mother, who went on to confront the father about this horrifying ordeal that had been occurring for nearly two years. That’s when things went further out of hand, thus causing the father to abuse both the mother and the daughter – thereby motivating them to register a FIR.

In her statement, the minor told the cops that she doesn’t exactly remember when her father began to abuse her and her sister. However, it was shocking when she told that all this was happening when two other elders were present at home.

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According to one of the daughters, their father used to take advantage of their mother’s physical condition which had confined her to the lower part of the house. And when she used to study upstairs, the father would exploit her innocence to continuously abuse her, all while threatening to kill her three-year-old brother if she ever opened her mouth.

Given the trauma of this incident the daughters were hazy on the details. However, they remembered how their father implemented different kinds of methods to keep them shut. The older of the four stated that he would threaten them in the name of prostitution in order to make money.

Considering the seriousness of the situation, the Mumbai police arrested the father as soon as they heard about the allegations and made necessary arrangements for the daughters.

The Mumbai police has booked the accused under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Posco Act. After being arrested on Monday, he has been kept in their custody on the grounds of execution of medical examinations. Additionally, the Mumbai police reported that the minors will be sent to a shelter home.

This entire scenario is certainly harrowing and adds to India’s growing crime rate against women. It’s even more saddening to think how these kids have the rest of their lives ahead of them and they’ve to live on with these scars. However, we hope that they regain their strength to look beyond these memories and learn to live for themselves and those who actually love them.

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