Pregnancy: This 2017 Facebook post on miscarriage is going viral again

For many pranksters that we have around us, April Fools’ Day must have been a fun ride. One of the most common pranks that people tend to pull, is the ‘I think I am pregnant’ trick. Unwittingly, each time a woman friend wears a poker face and in all seriousness, says this to her friend or partner, they fall for it, most times. Which is probably why this time around as people on the Internet lead the way cracking jokes on April Fools’ Day, Kayla Lee Welch’s post from March 2017 went viral again.

She emphasised on how joking about pregnancy is never acceptable, given how many, like her, are probably struggling to give birth or deal with their miscarriages. This year, as she is expecting her second child with her husband, she took to Facebook again to reinstate how the pain of ‘missing someone you never even met in the first place’ never leaves.

Read her Facebook post from March 2017, here.

“This is why your April fools joke isn’t funny. 
This is why it’s not funny to lie and joke about being pregnant.
This is what it looks like to have a miscarriage. 
A week ago today I started spotting. I convinced myself it was normal because I did it with Keegan. This time it wasn’t. 
I avoid laying down to go to sleep because as soon as I hit the bed I’m alone with all of my thoughts. My brain has finally stopped distracting itself from the one thing breaking my heart. And all I can do is cry. My eyes are so swollen and dark it looks like more than just my heart is broken. Crying so hard that you go numb and feel nothing anymore. Being so angry and upset at everything but not being able to explain why. Trying to be happy that your baby never knew anything other than love. And missing someone so dearly that you never even met. It’s a pain no one can describe. Because how can you properly grieve someone you never got to meet?

Please think twice before you post that April fools joke. Because what’s funny for a second in your eyes crushes someone else’s heart for eternity. #pregnancyisnotajoke”

Read here latest post, here.

“1 year ago today I was in a car dealership picking out my mom car I was so happy I couldn’t believe it!!! As I was waiting I went to the bathroom to see blood my happiness quickly faded, my heart shattered right there. I tried convincing myself as I sat there crying calling my doctor that it was going to be okay, I bled with keegan for months I was so sure it was gonna be the same. But deep down I felt it in my soul, my baby wasn’t ok. I remember every haunting detail of that day I remember trying my best for the next hour to just pretend it wasn’t happening trying my best to not just scream I just wanted to be home. I remember praying over and over again begging God please don’t take my baby. But he did. He took my baby. And that is ok. It wasn’t for so damn long God my heart felt like it could never be okay again. A month later I went in for a small surgery that turned into much more, I desperately needed this surgery and had I been pregnant that wouldn’t of been possible and I probably never would’ve found the time with 2 babies to make it possible again. My doctor explained to me how important that surgery was to my health and that pregnancy would not have ended well for me had it continued. Something that crushed my soul, ripped me apart for months and put me in such a deep depression suddenly made sense.. I understood why God took my baby and I slowly started to heal. But let me explain this to you, though I understood and though it is now ok that pain has never left. I fear everyday of my pregnancy even at 32 weeks hearing his heart and how perfectly he’s doing in there. Every single time I’ve gone to the bathroom this pregnancy I brace myself for the blood. Every single damn time. It set in such a deep pain that I pray every night and every morning to just let him be ok, God please don’t take him. People genuinely don’t understand how awful miscarriage is and that’s because no one talks about it but how is that fair to the mother trying to grieve the child she never met? People don’t understand you don’t heal from this no matter when you lost your child the pain never heals and the people around you never know because opening up is so damn scary. But if you don’t no one knows. I kept my feelings hidden I pretended to be ok to my husband and everyone around me and I literally felt myself deteriorating I became someone I hated all because I let my emotions just eat me alive when I needed support. Please don’t stay quiet, don’t mourn alone talk to someone even if that someone is me. The pain doesn’t leave but it will get better I promise mama.”

Welch prompts people dealing with pain to open up and talk about it because “The pain doesn’t leave but it will get better.” Heart-touching, isn’t it?

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