ASIFA: Accused plead not guilty; listen to the chilling details from the police report

The gang rape and brutal murder of Asifa has caused outrage [Jaipal Singh/EPA]

The horrific Kathua gangrape has flooded the timelines of social media recently and for good reason – justice needs to be served!

Seven men and a minor accused of involvement in the gang rape and murder of eight-year-old Asifa Bano in Kathua in Indian-administered Kashmir have appeared in a local court.

The men charged with the crime pleaded not guilty and asked for a Narcoanalysis (NARCO) test. NARCO is a technique used by Indian investigative officials where the suspect is injected with a dose of “truth serum” or sodium pentothal in an attempt to elicit a confession.

Those accused include policemen who are suspected of destroying evidence.

Listen to the chilling details of the rape and murder as per the police report

Sanji Ram, the main accused, said in court on Monday that the charges were a conspiracy against him. Ram was the custodian of the Hindu temple where Asifa was held captive and raped by several men for three days before being killed in January this year.

“The accused told the court that a NARCO test should be done and they are ready for a NARCO test,” counsel Ankur Sharma told reporters outside the court.

The next hearing is slated for April 28.

What is contained in the police docket?

The police report against the eight accused higlights some grave details of how the eight-year-old victim was held in a temple and gangraped repeatedly. The minor was sedated, raped, sedated again and then gangraped only to be bludgeoned to death just to prove a point and drive a nomadic community, the Bakarwals, out of the state.

Sanji Ram, one of the key accused, conspired with SPO Deepak Kanjuria and a juvenile, to “dislodge” the Bakarwal Muslim nomads from Rasana village in Kathua near Jammu.

The 18-page chargesheet lists the gruesome details of the crime. We at The Quint consciously took the decision to read out these details, to ensure the crime is never forgotten, never pardoned.

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On 8 January, 2018, while a juvenile was busy working in the field, another accused namely Deepak Khajuria called him near a tubewell and offered him cigarettes. Deepak lured him to kidnap the Bakarwal girl on the assurance that he would help him in passing the board exams.  

Sanji Ram spoke to his nephew, the juvenile who is also an accused in the case, to kidnap the Bakarwal girl. The chargesheet says that Sanji Ram directed the juvenile to execute the plan of kidnapping, and to give some intoxicant to the girl and thereafter confine her to Devisthan.

“Khajuria lured the juvenile to kidnap the girl on the assurance that he will help him clear the board examination (through cheating). Subsequently, he shared the plan, worked out by Ram and Khajuria, with Parvesh Kumar alias ‘Mannu’, his close friend, and asked for his help in executing the plan,” the chargesheet stated.

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Breaking his silence on the issue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the guilty won’t be spared. Speaking at the inauguration of the Ambedkar Memorial in New Delhi, the prime minister asserted that “daughters will get justice”, and the government will ensure that happens.

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