Anand Ahuja: Get to know Sonam Kapoor’s bae

Anand Ahuja, the brain behind bhane style and the other half of Sonam Kapoor

Anand Ahuja is quite attractive and no doubt about his amazing individual personality and Sonam Kapoor is one lucky girl to land a catch like him! 

While Bollywood fans know of him as just the ‘Neerja’ star’s love interest, we reveal a few interesting facts about the business tycoon that made our star fall head over heels in love with him.

Anand Ahuja, who is the owner of a Delhi based shoe brand, went to the prestigious Wharton Business School for his higher education. He has a keen sense of business and has a strong foothold in the market when it comes to apparel and shoes. He also has similar likes as that of his rumoured girlfriend Sonam Kapoor.

You grew up in…?

 …In West Philadelphia, I was born and raised. On the playground is where I spent most of my days. Chilling out, maxing, actin all cool….no but actually…I grew up in New Delhi but I went to college and grad school in Philadelphia. I also worked in New York for 3 years.

MN: What was your dream career growing up?

 Outside of being a professional Basketball player and a “business man” like my “dad”. To be honest, I used to often speak with my father about the possibility of starting a brand. I vividly remembered him telling me that while it made sense, because his focus was on manufacturing, it could be something I picked up should my interest allow. I never actually saw myself starting a new company and even if I did, it wasn’t till much later in my career…like I was saying, bhane. sort of started itself and it continues to grow because of the wonderful team that we have.

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 MN: What is your personal style inspiration?

 The cliché saying is that style is just confidence…which is true. There are so many amazing people with amazing style and the only thing that they all have in common is that it is unique to them and they carry it because it is them expressing themselves and not trying to copy other people. They take inspiration from the people they see, from their emotions and their work and blend it together to make their own style. That is probably my inspiration, seeing people put together things you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of and then to try and make that my own in my own way.

 MN: A headline you’d like to read about yourself

 5’9, raw vegan athlete Anand Ahuja runs clinic to show “height challenged” athletes to increase vertical in order to dunk a basketball with style.

 MN: Personal fashion faux pas?

 In India it would be keeping a buzz cut (really short, nearly shaved head). Too many religious tags to it and people keep thinking its cause they think I am unable to grow hair! (I only learned that people thought that about 2 years ago after having a buzz cut for over 8 years)

MN: New York or New Delhi?

 New Delhi is ultimately home but New York is inspiration for its individuality.

MN:Cupcakes or Gulabjamun?

 Growing up it was definetly Gulabjamuns, Cupcakes were too dry but then in New York went through this cupcake phase where I had some real delicious cupcakes, the mini ones. Now I would have to say Cupcakes just because Gulabjamun’s are too intense for me. (And I can get vegan cupcakes? Haha)

MN: Whiskey or Beer?

 I am not really a drinker but I would like to imagine if I were I would be a whiskey sortta guy…you know, get better with age….whiskey does that too right, not just wine?

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MN: Marathon or music festival?

 Never done either and frankly no inclination to do either…they are both too intense. I much prefer individual music concerts to really enjoy the artist’s set and enjoy running but as an activity to free my mind…putting it into a timed event just takes away some of that relaxing factor.

MN: What comes to your mind when we say

  • Indian fashion  – growing, developing (Indian textiles is rich but Indian fashion is young)
  • Street fashion  – definitive of current fashion
  • Moda Ninja  – anything with the word “ninja” will make me first think video game…haha…but moda ninja I think young, fun, happy, personal, and comfortable (referring to how everyone in the pictures look comfortable and relaxed)

 MN: Who according to you is synonymous with the Indian Fashion Industry?

 I think artisans are synonymous with the Indian Fashion Industry. We have such a rich heritage in textiles and manufacturing and I think that is really where our strength lies.

 MN: Do you read any fashion / style blogs? Which are your favorites?

When I first came back to India, I was on wearabout a lot which is why bhane firs thought to work with Manou. On a fairly regular basis, most the blogs that I see are US ones like, hypebeast, highsnobiety, and selectism

MN: What would you like fashion bloggers to do more of?

 I think fashion bloggers are going to be able to collaborate with brands in curating collections and developing individual/exclusive lines. That will be fun to see. But also, I’d like to see bloggers do more of traditional journalism work. The journalism industry, the traditional sense at least, is fading but there is a lot it has to offer. It is fading because all the young talent are doing their own blogs which is great but also I think the reach that traditional journalism in newspapers and magazines have is enormous, not only for the older generation but in countries like India, that have an incomplete and slow internet network, magazines and newspapers are still what most people read. By having some of the top bloggers also contribute to newspapers and magazines, they can share some of their progressive thinking with a wider audience. Otherwise we will just continue to see the journalists with an old-school-thought process dominate the most widely read media.

 MN: If you can pick anyone, who would you want to be brand ambassador for bhane.?

 You! Part of what bhane. is all about is that it is casual and wearable by everyone. All heights, all weights all body types. It is not supposed to be intimidating. So this is why we have opened up our shoots to everyone…sometimes we get some influential people but their shot is treated no differently than the rest of the peoples!

 MN: Should fashion be restricted to the elite? If not, how can one make it more accessible?

Absolutely not…once India loosens on its restrictions for single brands, this will open up and that is what we need. We need international brands, international mentality, and international aesthetic to make fashion and style more accessible. We can do our part by not allowing Indian companies to cheat customers by either offering on-style product really expensive or then offer bad looking product for cheap. Just because there is a restriction on brands in India, companies think they can get away with cheating customers out of either quality or overcharging them which is not how it should be and hopefully will change as the Indian economy continues to open up.

For the uninitiated ones, Anand Ahuja is not just Sonam’s boyfriend but is also very close to the Kapoor clan. From sister Rhea to daddy Anil Kapoor and even mother Sunita can be seen giving their nods of approval by constantly showering love on him on social media.

Sonam’s beau Anand also has a thing for basketball. When he’s not scoring some dunks in the court, the socialite can be seen sweating it out in the gym. 

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Interview with Anand Ahuja by Moda Ninja


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