Kathua Rape: Forensic tests nails accused, case strengthened

Tests by the Delhi Forensic Science Laboratory have reportedly nailed the accused in the brutal rape and murder of the eight-year-old minor in Kathua. Vaginal swab reports of the victim has matched with that of the accused, according to an Indian Express report.

This conclusion was reached after examining 14 packets of evidence that contained vaginal swabs, blood samples of four accused, hair strands, viscera of the minor, her frock and salwar, simple clay, and blood stained clay. The samples were tested between 1 and 21 March.

Senior lab official told The Indian Express that the samples were tested positive for rape, and the DNA samples of the accused matched those collected by the J&K police.

Sources in the Delhi government home department told The Indian Express that one of the parcels they were sent had two hair strands with roots. They were seemingly found in the temple where the child was allegedly raped. The roots of the hair strands helped in DNA identification.

The evidence on the frock was mostly destroyed as it had been washed with detergent, but a drop of blood remained. That was an incidental discovery.
An official to The Indian Express

This development strengthens the case.


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