Rajesh Gopie apologizes for racist rant


Rajesh Gopie who is under a storm that will not fade away has issued an apology on social media space, Facebook. 

The theatre personality, actor lashed out on Facebook shortly after a rampage occurred at the Moses Mabhida stadium in KwaZulu-Natal.

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Gopie wrote: “Yah, and the Baboons like soccer too much so they want to play with human heads.”

Rajesh Gopie social media posts
The social media post by Gopie that he later removed.

In a post on his page Gopie had this to say:

My name is Rajesh Gopie. Yesterday I responded to a video posted on social; of a brutal, merciless and cowardly mob murder of an innocent steward at a soccer match. Enraged I lashed out. Later, I realized that I acted in haste, infuriated at the lack of humanity on the part of those who perpetrated the killing. 

It was stupid of me to do so, to say the least! I removed the post and hereby wish to humbly and unreservedly apologize to all for this offence. For those who know me that I would not intentionally hurt the feelings of others but clearly I have in this instance. I ask you to forgive me.

Rajesh Gopie


Gopie has since deleted his Facebook account here is the screenshot 

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