Jack Devnarain condemns racist rant by Rajesh Gopie

Jack Devnarain, chairman of the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) has condemned the racist rant by Rajesh Gopie against soccer revelers after he called them ‘baboons’

The organisation which represents actors in the film, television, stage, commercial and corporate sectors in South Africa tweeted this statement shortly:

In a tweet issued this afternoon a day before Freedom Day, 27 May, Devnarain tweeted: 

Rajesh Gopie has exposed himself as racist. We have no doubt there are many more like him & they all need to be called out. There is no room in our fight for social justice & transformation for people like him. Our performance industry has no place for toxic actors.

The Guild exists to promote professionalism in the performance industry, and to protect and enhance actors’ working conditions, compensation and benefits.


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