Priyanka Chopra dances the Bihu in Assam

Priyanka Chopra is a global icon and travelling is her favourite hobby. The starlet is packed with offers from the Indian and international film and television industry and topped with inspirational philanthropic duties.

And while juggling between these multiple projects, seldom she gets time to visit India. But to the delight of her million fans back home, PeeCee has arrived in India but rather staying in Mumbai, took a quick flight to Assam, but again, not to relax but to work.

While Priyanka has always been in the news for her consistent achievements both in the West and in India, the announcement of her being cast in Bharat opposite megastar Salman created a humongous buzz across various social platforms.

Earlier this week, Priyanka Chopra also spoke about Bharat with actor Salman Khan in an interview with the Esquire magazine while mentioning her upcoming projects. 

“I’ve finished up two films: A Kid Like Jake, which comes out in June. And Isn’t it Romantic?, which comes out Valentine’s Day 2019. I play a spoiled rich woman who is a yoga guru, which is not a thing. [Bharat] is the Indian movie I signed this year. It’s the quintessential Bollywood movie, which I haven’t done in many years. A lot of them were dramatic and thematic. This one’s going to be out and out entertainment. I’m excited! I haven’t been back to do a movie in two or three years now,” she said.  

Priyanka Chopra is in Assam to shoot for a new promotional video for the state’s tourism. The actor took out time to visit the local Subarna Prabha Girls’ School in Jorhat and performed the Bihu dance with the students. The little girls were clearly excited and by the look of it, so was PeeCee.

Check out the pictures and videos:

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