A ‘Mangalsutra’ On Priyanka Chopra is she married?

We all love a big fat Indian wedding. Add celebrities to the mix and we basically squeal with excitement! Especially when it’s one of our B-town favourites. We’re all still getting over the absolute treat that was the dreamy Virushka wedding. Following in their footsteps we have fashionista Sonam Kapoor getting married this week. And no prizes for predicting how undeniably gorgeous that affair will be.

Last week, however, there were speculations of another diva having tied the knot in secret. And her fans were literally shook!

Priyanka Chopra visited Assam last week and her Instagram account has been a visual candy fest.

On her way here, she had posted one image of her looking like the global domination goddess that she is.

Look at her, in her deep thoughts, probably making plans to become an Indian Beyonce. I totally ship that!

Some fans though zoomed in on one particular item in the picture. The bracelet around her left arm to be exact.


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People were convinced PC had secretly gotten married and was wearing her mangalsutra as a bracelet around her arm.

Piggy Chops though was having none of it. She quickly shut down the speculations and cleared the air.

It. Was. An. Evil. Eye. Bracelet. Geez, people!

As much as the thought of our desi girl getting married is appealing, let’s give her space, shall we? I’m sure if and when it happens it’ll be a badass event and we’ll get our share of oohs and aahs. Until then, let her continue her quest for global domination in style.


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