The South African Desi’s letter to Lotus FM management

Does Lotus FM/the SABC hire presenter’s based on a criteria or is there something underlying that we, the public are missing?

The South African DesiI am the South African Desi and I have a social media presence largely based in the Indian community of South Africa. With an impression of 80000+ and a recent poll conducted I write this to you on behalf of the public. 

Mr. Varshan Sookhun is a well-respected man for his immense knowledge of Bollywood and is solely responsible for bringing people to Lotus FM purely for his love for Bollywood. He hosted the ‘Bollywood Billboard’ on Saturday’s, for years and has recently been replaced by an incompetent presenter.

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Now I know that may sound harsh but if you listen to this presenter speak, she sounds nasal, repeats herself an uncountable number of times, gets her facts constantly wrong and cannot speak professionally if her life depended on it. 

Now I ask you, what are the criteria for hiring such presenter’s at Lotus FM? This particular female who is not a youth icon and is extremely unprofessional with her constant lack of RJ skills.  

When there are ladies such as Kajal Bagwandeen and Riona Maharaj (crazy Rio) who are both fabulous inspirations to the youth, with a large social media presence and the ability to construct proper sentences while having knowledge of Bollywood why would you hire someone so incompetent?

In a recent poll I conducted 96% of my followers agreed that Varshan Sookhun should be brought back to the Bollywood board because of the level of immaturity and lack of Bollywood knowledge this female has.

The question is, does Lotus listen to their shows at any point to notice the inadequacy or are they ignorant to South African Indians wanting their original ‘Chart Master’ back?

Listen to your presenters, especially this particular one and notice the following points: 

  1. The amount of times she says uh or um (I counted in one minute it was approximately 12 times)
  2. Her immaturity in her “oh ma gaad’s, etc”
  3. How annoying her voice is to listeners with the way she speaks through her nose
  4. The amount of times her Bollywood facts are incorrect is pathetic.

– For example, she (Mishka Gounden) said, “Ishaan Khatter will be making his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Beyond the Clouds’ and is Shahid Kapoor’s younger brother. I would like to see if his family has had an influence on him but I already know that he has had no influence and will be making his Bollywood debut with Sridevi’s daughter in May”

– she (Mishka Gounden) also said in a previous week Salman Khan is in jail and was getting requests for him but he was out on bail.

– In a tribute to Avicci she played Priyanka Chopra’s ‘In my city’ – like really now? You’re the Bollywood presenter and you’re talking about an English DJ?

There are many other instances but I hope I have made my point. 

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On behalf of the public, we demand to know ‘what’ did she (Mishka Gounden) do to replace a legend like Varshan Sookhun – when she has absolutely no experience or professionalism in comparison? 

I have created a petition to bring Varshan Sookhun back and remove this terrible presenter to prove to you that the public is not pleased and this change has impacted their choice to listen to Lotus FM.

Let’s save our station, before it’s too late.

The South African Desi

This is a letter to the editor and the views expressed above are the author’s own. Indian Spice neither endorses nor is responsible for the same.

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