RECIPE: Mango Chia Pudding

Chef Gautam Mehrishi has come up with this delectable recipe of  Mango chia pudding! Give it a try!


1 cup – Chia seeds
2½ cup – Soy milk
½ cup – Melon Seeds
1 cup – Pistachio
1 – Mango (peeled)
1 cup – Mango seed
¼ tsp – Coffee powder
200g – Dark chocolate
1 cup – Dry ice cubes
1 tbsp – Mint Leaves


* Take chia seeds in cooked soy milk.

* In a hot pan, add melon seeds, pistachio, and lightly roast the mixture.

* Add soy milk and peeled mango in the pan and dice the remaining mango.

* Add coffee powder in pudding and cook on low flame.

* Add mango cubes in serving glass and pour the chia seed mixture on it.

* Grate 150g dark chocolate and transfer to the pan. Grate some extra to use it as topping.

* Let the pudding mixture cool for sometime after it is cooked.

* Keep dry ice cubes ready. Now take out the pudding mixture in a bowl and add ½ cup dry ice and whisk well.

* Pour the pudding mixture in the glass and add a layer of 1 tsp grated dark chocolate.

* Add 3-4 fresh mint leaves. Add another layer of grated dark chocolate and pudding mixture. Garnish with grated dark chocolate, mango slices and mint leaves.

* Your Mango Chia Pudding is ready to serve.

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