RECIPE: Mango Coco Smoothie

The mango; sweet, juicy and absolutely divine, it is much loved and looked forward to.

Not just good on the palate, it is also rich in fibre that makes digestion easier. In addition, it is blessed with beta-carotene which helps in promoting healthy and glowing skin.

To include this fruit in different cuisines, Chef Gautam Mehrishi, who is also the host of a show Hello Summer on Living Foodz has come up with three delectable dishes.

Here are the recipes if you would like to recreate them in your kitchen below you will find the smoothie and to try out the Mango Fish Tacos click here & finally the Mango Chia Pudding if you click here

Try out this mango recipe to beat the summer heat.


1 – Mango
1 – Peach
80g – Dates (soaked)
1/2 cup – Orange Juice
1 cup – Carrot (Diced)
1 cup – Cream
1/2 tsp – Cocoa powder
2 tsp – Palm jaggery
2 tsp – Chia seeds
2 tbsp – Coconut milk
Pinch of Turmeric


* Cut the peach into a few slices.

* In a hot pan, add sliced peach, seedless dates and cook on low flame.

* Then add ½ glass orange juice and mix well.

* In another pan, add diced carrot, cream and mix well. Cook the mixture on low flame.

* In a smoothie blender, add pulp of mango and dates mixture from the pan.

* Now add cocoa powder, palm jaggery and blend well.

* In the pan mix on the flame, add chia seeds and cook well. Pour the mango paste from the smoothie jar in a bowl.

* In a blender, add carrot mixture, a pinch of turmeric powder and grind it well until you get a smooth paste. Add this mixture to the bowl with mango paste, now add 2 tbsp of coconut milk in it and mix well.

* Dust the serving glass with 1 tsp cocoa powder and pour the mango smoothie.

* Garnish with mango and peach slices.



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