Sugan Deon Naicker wanted for new cases of fraud

Convicted fraudster Sugan Deon Naicker who is out on bail awaiting trial for seven counts of fraud is currently running his scam operations in Queensburgh, KZN.

Sugan Deon Naicker wanted for new cases of fraud

Serial fraudster & con-artist, Sugan Deon Naicker has committed new counts of fraud despite his arrest & impending cases, he was nabbed last year in a joint operation with SAPS & IndianSpice Investigative unit KALI. 

With the recent development of new cases, the forensic unit will be moving to have his bail conditions revoked and ask the State to remand him into police custody with immediate effect. 

Chief investigator Chad Thomas of IRS Forensic Investigations commented,

“Sugan Naicker is a serial fraudster. Despite being investigated by IRS Forensic Investigations and being arrested in two different cases by SAPS, he managed to get bail on both cases and to continue with his fraudulent activities.”

Last year Naicker was remanded into custody for a period of three weeks at the Boksburg Prison where he appeared for cases opened against him. He was then transferred to Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal for a series of cases for similar counts of fraud where he appeared and was granted bail.

Thomas added, “The forensic unit has taken a decision to not tolerate fraudsters like Naicker to continue unabated and with impunity. As such, IRS will be making representations that ALL dockets currently under investigation be consolidated and investigated by one dedicated national investigating officer from DPCI SCCU.”

Naicker uses social media, Gumtree, OLX and gay dating and hookup sites and apps to lure his victims into his schemes. He has recreated his social media profile and attempting to change his physical appearance in order to continue with this criminal activity.

You can view his new Facebook profile by visiting this link:

At current the following cases are open and pending at the following SA Police stations against Sugan Deon Naicker. 

  1. CHATSWORTH SAPS CAS 522/06/2016
  2. BEACON BAY SAPS CAS 80/08/2016
  4. WESTVILLE SAPS CAS 301/12/2016
  5. BOKSBURG NORTH SAPS CAS 234/05/2017
  6. CHATSWORTH SAPS CAS 42/09/2017

Please contact IRS should you have opened a case that can be added to the list.

As a matter of public interest readers are urged to share this article in efforts to prevent Naicker from duping more victims out of their hard earned savings. 

New fraud cases

Indian Spice’s KALI unit has started to receive new cases  from victims who outlined his signature act of being able to promise them vehicles at cheap cost if they deposited money into his private accounts. Another offer he is purporting is that he is in the jewelry industry offering deals below cost. 

Charles Bester had fallen victim to Naicker’s offer, he stated that, “He tried to se sell me a repossessed vehicle from Wesbank saying he is the Repossessions Manager from Wesbank in Menlyn, Pretoria.”

Another victim took to social media to share her experience with the fraudster. 

Sugan Deon Naicker


Have you fallen for Sugan Naicker’s scam? Here’s how you can recover your money. 

The Boksburg SAPS and the IRS Forensic Investigations agency are working with victims adding on to the other charges that are filed against him.

IRS Forensic Investigations specialises in financial crimes has been keeping tabs on Naicker, his movements and also assisting victims to recover their money from the fraudster.

Victims who have been scammed by the fraudster are required to open their cases against Sugan Deon Naicker as soon as possible and then contact IRS Forensic Investigations on 086 191 1477 and speak to Officer Enock Masingi.

This will aid IRS Forensic Investigations to work with the SAPS to include these cases in the docket at the next court appearance and to assist with recovering monies stolen by Naicker.


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Sugan Naicker

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