Dear Nada Wotshela this letter is for you to read

Ravi Govender has proven to be a positive influence on the listenership of Lotus FM while employed at the station and the support for him after his termination has also been noted including a letter that was submitted from a listener in the United Kingdom. 

From: Tanya Williamson 
Sent: 03 May 2018 12:01
Subject: SABC and Lotus FM

Dear Nada, 

You may recall that 2 weeks ago, I contacted you, regarding the Vinyl Countdown and Mr Ravi Govender.  I would think that my email would be a little hard to forget. 

However, it seems that something is lacking somewhat, like a “reply” maybe.  As you may also recall, I am from England, in the UK, and as such, in England we have a little thing known as manners, and courtesy, and we show respect to everyone we meet, or come into contact with. 

I would think that as you are ultimately  in the public spotlight so to speak, that these things would be of  a very high importance to you also.  Especially as there are people from all around the world,  watching your actions with a very close eye at the moment.  

Maybe you failed to realise that you were not actually receiving an email from one very small person in the UK, but a voice for thousands of people worldwide, because you have not had manners and and you have not had courtesy and you have indeed failed to even reply. 

I took a lot of hours to write my email to you, and I would’ve thought that you could have at least had the decency to read and reply.  If only to tell me to go away and to not email again.  Something would be better than the ignorance of “nothing” do you not think.   

I spent many hours of many days, of many months over many years, actually streaming online and listening to Lotus FM and I can guarantee you that I am far from being the only person.    I’m afraid that your lack of response has shown SABC to be rude, ill mannered and basically quite ignorant.  Now ask yourself…..why would anyone take the time out of their day to tune into a station in South Africa, that cares not one iota about its listeners, their thoughts, their feelings, or their opinion. 

I actually thought better of you and Lotus for that matter, and  have been defending you, throughout the past months.  I was actually stupid enough to believe, that if someone showed the voice of reason that they would at least be listened too , and shown some common courtesy.   

If at some point in time, you could take the time to read my last email, or to at least give some form of reply, then I would be very grateful.  Would it alter my opinion of SABC at the moment??  I really don’t know, because when someone shows themselves to not even have common courtesy, its a little hard to change an opinion about that person.    

I’m not sure if you are aware, but Ravi has had numerous other offers, but for some reason, he feels he has a loyalty to Lotus FM, SABC and the show that he created.  Maybe you think that he should accept one of those other offers, and no doubt a high percentage of his fans would agree with you , as they would follow him to the ends of the earth.  But at the end of the day, why should he.  He created the Vinyl Countdown.  It was his concept.   I’m not going to go over, everything that I said in my last email, because you should have that email to read through, should you care to actually take the time to do so.   

I can probably give the benefit of the doubt at the moment and maybe assume that you have indeed read my email and you have maybe been in communication with others.  This being the case, then a very short reply , informing me that you are looking into what I had said, would have sufficed.  I have put such faith in you and it will be a bitter blow if you disappoint me, because I have always thought very highly of SABC 

I will hopefully hear from you soon, and thank you for your time 

Tanya Williamson 
England, Great Britain 

This is a letter to the editor and the views expressed above are the author’s own. Indian Spice neither endorses nor is responsible for the same.

Nada responds to Williamson this afternoon read below

From: Nada Wotshela <>
Sent: 14 May 2018 16:27
To: Tanya Williamson
Cc: Alvin Pillay; Leuba Ramakgolo
Subject: RE: SABC and Lotus FM

Dear Tanya

I trust that you are well. Thank you for your emails and pardon us for taking so long to respond. After careful consideration SABC Radio management has decided to uphold the station’s decision to cancel Mr Ravi Govender’s contract. While we commend Mr Govender’s noble gesture of taking time to apologize to President Jacob Zuma and his family for his utterances, this places no obligation on the station to offer him a new contract. We wish him well on his future endeavours.


Nada Wotshela, Group Executive: SABC Radio

Here is Williamson’s response

From: “Tanya Williamson”
Date: 14 May 2018 18:21
Subject: Re: SABC and Lotus FM
To: “Nada Wotshela” <>
Cc: “Alvin Pillay” <>

Dear Nada 

Thank you for your reply,  but to say that I am disappointed is  a major understatement.  After all the time that I had taken to write to you, you could not even acknowledge, one single word that I had said.  Furthermore, I feel that I should point out, that I was NOT asking you to over turn any decisions, or for you to place Lotus FM under ANY obligation.  I was  and am, quite capable of communicating with Lotus FM myself.  All I was asking from SABC, was that you would kindly inform Lotus that SABC , have no objections, should they wish to reinstate Ravi, while realising that the decision to reinstate him,  was of course, theirs alone.  Now if you would object to Lotus FM reinstating Ravi, then you need to say so and not dance around the issue, and state your reasons for objecting.  I am not a politician and I do not appreciate being spoke to like a politician.  As I said in my previous emails, I am British and in England we have this thing known as “honesty”.  It would be nice for you to practice this and give an honest reply
As for Ravi’s “utterances”,  do you have any idea, just how ridiculous that sounds.  It was ONE word, yet you refer to it as “utterances”.  I would expect that for someone in Mr Zuma’s position, that he would be used to hearing words of a far worse nature, than the one silly word that you are referring to as “utterances”.  
I finally have to remind you that your reply was not just to myself, but to thousands of people “worldwide” and I feel confident that I speak for them all, when I say that if this is how the SABC treats their listeners, then I breath a very huge sigh of relief, that I am NOT South African and that I do NOT live in South Africa.  I feel the pain of all the EX Listeners  of Lotus FM. 
SABC and Lotus FM had a huge worldwide following and I doubt that many (if any) countries, could’ve claimed the same achievement.  What a shame that over one silly “UTTERANCE”, you have decided to throw that all away.  

I have not informed anyone of my emails to yourself or Mr Pillay,  as I felt so sure that  my faith in you would be rightly placed.  I got that one wrong.   After listening to your radio shows for over 9 years, I have now actually been shown that you do not care one iota about your listeners.  

Regards to you also 
Tanya Williamson
Devon, England, 
Great Britain. 

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