Neha Dhupia’s secret marriage to Angad Bedi here’s the story

While all eyes were on Sonam Kapoor’s star-studded wedding to Anand Ahuja, Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi quietly tied the knot on 10 May 2018 and later informed the world, via social media.

Neha opened up about the rushed two-day wedding which even fueled rumours of an apparent “pregnancy”.

Neha revealed that Karan Johar was the only person in Mumbai who knew about her intention to get married.

Less than a week before we got married, I was chilling in Karan’s house and I told him I was ready to get married. He said it was a great idea and went back to checking posts on social media! 

But Karan said he wanted to be the first one to post about their nuptials on social media.

And he was…

Apparently, Angad had proposed marriage to Neha four years ago as well, but she rejected him.

The run-up to the hush hush affair was no less dramatic.

According to Miss Malini, “Neha’s wedding was planned last minute. She called fashion designer Anita Dongre three days before the wedding and asked her for an outfit and if she’d be able to make one for her in this short time frame. Anita thought she was joking and wasn’t ready to buy this fact. But after a lot of convincing, she believed her. She told Anita she wanted a low-key baby pink dress. She always wanted to get married in a baby pink lehenga since she was little”.

(Source: The Times of IndiaMiss Malini)

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