Sadia Sukhraj dreamt of joining the Church ministry to help her dad who is a pastor

It’s understood Sukhraj’s father was dropping off her seven-month-old sibling at their grandparents’ house when the crime took place.

The second crime scene is located on the spot where the hijackers’ vehicle collided with a truck after the suspects realised the street they used to escape on was a cul-de-sac.

Devika Sukhraj, who lived with the child and her parents, has described her as a spiritual child.

“Her name actually means ‘chosen by God’ and she actually wanted to get into ministry and help her dad. Her dad is a pastor.”

The police’s Nqobile Gwala says one of the hijackers died on the scene after the collision. One suspect was arrested while another remains at large.

There are conflicting reports about whether little Sadia Sukhraj was already wounded by the time the hijackers sped off with the stolen vehicle.

A police investigation is underway.


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