Have you heard these Ramadan songs with popular Bolly tunes?

You know what’s common between desi Hindus and Muslims? Both love turning Bollywood gaanas to devotional songs!

Here are some must-listen compositions that went viral after a Twitter user pointed them out. A little dose of some quirky musicians who see god in even the most filmy of songs: Think Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri and Bindiya Chamkegi Choodi Khankegi

1. Ramzan Ye Jab Jab Aaye takes its tune from the iconic Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri song from the movie Naya Daur. What say fam?

2. Remember the movie Maine Dil Tujhko Diya? Never mind. Its song Thoda sa pyaar hua hai, thoda hai baaki, has inspired He Jo Mohabbat Mahe Ramzan Ki.

3. Now, the original song will be recognised only by the most die-hard Bollywood buffs. But let that not stop you from enjoying Ramzaan Ka Aaya Mahina this month.

4. Bappi Da’s Ooh La La has also taken a devotional colour with Roje Rakho Momino… The creativity just doesn’t stop.

5. Did T-Series just buy one tune and recycle it into two songs? From the deeply forgettable Mujhko Yaad Sataye Teri to Maahe Zeeshan Laya Badi Shaan Se Rahmat. Fun fact: One is produced by T-Series, the other by T-Series Regional.

6. Here, Lata Mangeshkar’s Bindiya Chamkegi Choodi Khankegi becomes Kishmat Chamkegi Rahamat Barsegi. Sweet.

7. Let’s see, which song does this one take after? Oh right. Ishq Sufiyana from The Dirty Picture.

8. Does the tune sound familiar? It will if you happened to watch Saif Ali Khan’s Agent Vinod. The song Dil Mera Muft Ka has inspired Roje Ye Rakhna Pyaare.

9. We just have one question for this one: Does Tata Young know?

(An earlier version of the article did not credit the source to Ms. Sheikh. It has been updated with no further changes to the story.)

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