Lotus FM management go silent over Ravi Govender

In March this year, Indian Spice had learnt that that Ravi Govender’s return to Lotus FM was in the process of being made official but to date nothing has materialized.

The re-appointment of Govender hit a stumbling block by the recent incident of alleged hate-speech by Pauline Rosanna Sangham, the broadcaster and management of Lotus FM have cited that the incident has impacted their decision in taking Govender back. 

Govender has on numerous occasions approached Lotus FM’s GM, Alvin Pillay for a resolution/outcome regarding his appointment however it has fallen on deaf ears.  The KZN Acting Regional Manager thereafter responded to Govender with no valid reason over the non-renewal of his contract. 

Ravi Govender commented to Indian Spice that, “I don’t want a contract for any show. I want it for MY SHOW. my creation.”

Pillay has continuously been unable to to give Govender a reason over the reappointment status which has led to the matter being escalated to SABC Johannesburg for feedback.

It was then that Nada Wotshela, the head of Radio responded to Govender advising him that she has no influence on decisions regarding the station. She further stated that the decision needs to be made by the General Manager of the station and with no influence from her office. 

However, the GM, Alvin Pillay has failed in his duties to make a sound decision and to communicate this to Ravi Govender. 

Ravi Govender has proven to be a positive influence on the listenership of Lotus FM while employed at the station and the support for him after his termination has also been noted including a letter that was submitted from a listener in the United Kingdom. Click here to read the letter

It was soon after Jailoshini Naidoo walked away from the Breakfast Express show that Wotshela had visited the Lotus FM offices in Durban soon after the program revamp had been announced, her intervention at that point is not clear. 

It is understood that Wotshela was led to believe that station management felt that they had Lotus FM staff conspire against them and that being their hurdle to reviving the brand and listenership numbers. 

As for Govender he is yet to see any form of communication from Alvin Pillay over his new contract. 

Support continues to grow for Ravi Govender on social media

A Facebook group, Bring Ravi Govender Back on air has been rolling with support for the former Lotus FM jock. Messages of support from his listeners have been incoming from various parts of the world.

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